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Dr. Davis
Batman 1989 - Dr. Davis (infobox)
General Information
Real name: Davis (first name unknown)
Aliases: Doctor
Joker's plastic surgeon
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: The Joker (Patient)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Hair - Grey
Eyes - Brown
Portrayed by: Steve Plytas
Appearances: Batman
"You see what I have to work with here."
―Joker's Plastic Surgeon[src]

Dr. Davis was a hack plastic surgeon working in Gotham City. He did everything he could to repair The Joker's permanently deformed face.


Dr. Davis had lost his license long ago, but Jack Napier found him the only one to turn to when he had been hiding out in the past. Davis worked in a building with broken windows described by Jack as "being too low-rent even for rats", complete with one side table which held outdated surgical tools and a barber chair. The whole room was illuminated by a mere one dim light-bulb which hung over the chair. Jack did not like the disgusting environment, nor did he like a 'quack' like Davis, but Jack knew that Davis was the best he could do. Davis had gotten bullets out of Jack in the past with both patient and doctor surviving.

So Jack turned to him for help after crawling to Davis with his face disfigured from the acid tank at Axis Chemicals. Instead of speaking to his patients, Davis often made it his habit to try and busy himself with something else. After completing surgery on Jack's face, with a doubtful and insincere smile, Davis undid Jack's bandages and gasped. Angry, Jack demanded a mirror. A terrified Davis handed him a mirror. What Jack saw in his reflection was that his skin was bleached white, his hair turned green, his mouth and lips dyed red and his face pulled into a permanent smile. This was sufficient enough to send Jack to eternal insanity. Davis, fearing for his life, hastily explained that Napier's nerves had been completely severed and that the instruments he had to work with were not sufficient for such an operation. Davis tried to reassure him that proper reconstructive surgery would heal him, but backed up against his surgical table and covered his face, too afraid to look at Jack. Napier started to laugh maniacally, and marched out of Davis' office, slamming the door behind him, his screams of horrible laughter echoing through the building.

The current status of Dr. Davis remains uncertain. It is, however, implied later that perhaps the maddened Joker may have killed him, according to this quote:

"As my plastic surgeon always said: If you gotta go... GO WITH A SMILE!"

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Dr. Davis was only credited as "Joker's plastic surgeon".


Screen CapsEdit

Production Stills (from by James Sawyer)Edit


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