Emma Thomas is an Arkham psychiatrist who secretly reported Doctor Jonathan Crane's actions to her superiors.

Biography Edit

Batman BeginsEdit

Emma Thomas was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who worked under Jonathan Crane. After seeing his experiments on patients, she began to report his behavior to the board. They forwarded his actions to the Human Resources department, but Jonathan Crane began to threaten her. Emma Thomas felt that she was in danger and she passed the results of Crane's experiments to Internal Reviews. She changed her security code to 4563, but was unable to delete the message from her phone, as she was held in the mental surgery room by Crane's thugs. Batman infiltrated the asylum, hoping to rescue Rachel Dawes from Crane's custody, and he used Thomas' security code to continue his way through the asylum. The thugs interrogated her about what she knew about Crane, but she insisted that she did not know anything. Batman arrived and beat up the thugs, and asked her where Crane was. Thomas told him that he was in the old Hydrotherapy room below the room that she was in, and that Batman needed to shut off the electricity to get there. Batman told her that she was safest where she was at the moment, but as he left, she used one of the canisters to try and bash open the window. However, the gas canister exploded, and she coughed and suffocated, presumably dying as she never got back up.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Walter Pfister, Doctor Emma Thomas is voiced by Batman crew members with the same names. Emma Thomas is producer of Batman Begins, as well as the wife of the director, Christopher Nolan, while Wally Pfister is the Director of Photography.
  • The gas that engulfed the room was most likely poison that could kill a person, but it may also be fear gas or some other chemical agent.