Count Dracula is a centuries-old vampire, Transylvanian nobleman, and sorcerer. He is frequently considered the King of the Vampires, due to his great age and increased supernatural abilities. Ever seeking power and innocent women to turn into his eternal vampire brides, Dracula has been opposed by many heroes throughout the ages, most notably vampire-hunter Abraham Van Helsing.

As a public domain character and staple of the horror genre, Dracula has frequently been pitted against Batman in popular culture, which is because of both characters' roots as creatures of the night. These connections include an animated film, an unlicensed Fillipino film, and a DC Comics Elseworlds miniseries (set on an alternate Earth of the DC Multiverse). Thus far, Batman and Dracula have not met in official DC Comics canon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Besides immortality and vampirism, Dracula's powers include super-strength, super-speed, super reflexes, hypnotic manipulation (especially when it comes to weak-willed people), shape-shifting and turning humans into undead slaves.

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Numerous books, films, and other media based on the character originated from the classic Bram Stoker novel.

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