General Information
Real name: Ducra
First Appearance: Red Hood and The Outlaws #1 (September, 2011)
Created by: Scott Lobdell
Affiliations: All Caste
Abilities: Immortality
Portrayed by: None

Ducra is the over 3,000 year old leader of the All Caste, a secret group of monks who trained Jason Todd.


Ducra was a woman who was over 3.000 years old and was the leader of the All Caste. She knows about the Lazarus Pit and can smell it on other people. After Jason Todd was raised from the dead, Talia al Ghul introduced Jason to Ducra. Talia hoped that Jason still can be a great man if he get the proper Guidance - Ducra! Ducra said, that Jason will be the death of many people but she trained him. Years later, Jason returned to the Chamber of All and found the dead body of Ducra.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Immortality

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