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General Information
Real name: Lester Buchinsky
First Appearance: Detective Comics #644
Created by: Scott Hanna
Chuck Dixon
Tom Lyle
Affiliations: The Joker
Abilities: Use of electrical gauntlets

Electrical Engineering

Portrayed by: Steven Blum (voice)

"I'm-a kill you. Then, I'm-a jumpstart your heart, and kill you again!"

Lester Buchinsky (aka: The Electrocutioner) is one of the eight assassins hired by the Joker, under the disguise of Black Mask, to kill Batman on Christmas Eve. An egotistical street punk of limited intelligence and resourcefulness eager to make money and a name for himself amongst Gotham's criminal underworld, Electrocutioner uses powerful shock gloves to appropriately electrocute his opponents to death. He was 24 years old, 6'4", weighed 225 pounds, and had the living of a contract killer.


Batman: Arkham Origins

The Electrocutioner had outstanding warrants for 16 counts of murder, 3 in the first degree, and 13 in the second degree, as well as 12 counts of assault, 16 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and 8 counts of aggravated assault.

The Electrocutioner first appears on the Penguin's ship, the Final Offer, in the fighting pit. Because of his arrogance, Batman was able to knock him unconscious with one strike. When Batman returns to the area, he finds that Buchinsky manages to regain consciousness and escape, swearing revenge against Batman, which Tracey relayed to Batman while in hiding. Batman then had Alfred track Electrocutioner's electrical signals in his suit, anticipating another encounter.

Batman later informed Alfred that the attack he used on Buchinsky to defeat him was an attack that would have been effortlessly dodged by a child. Alfred later informed Batman that the electric currents in Electrocutioner's suit has been locked in, although Batman had to delay due to his having to infiltrate the Sionis Steel Mill to locate Black Mask (who was imprisoned by his own men after a new criminal known as the Joker took over).

Later, Electrocutioner attends a meeting at the Gotham Royal Hotel, where Black Mask was revealed to actually be the Joker. Joker kicks Electrocutioner out of a window on a swivel chair, believing he had nothing else to contribute, sending Electrocutioner to his death. Batman, who traced the location of the meeting through a tip from Copperhead, recovers his Shock Gloves.


  • Electroshock gauntlets
  • Heavily armored
  • Integrated wiring


  • "Yeah, and who the hell are you?"
  • "Just think of me as a bat zapper. Now, come to the light."
  • "I ain't here to talk. I'm here to kick your ass."
  • "Black Mask must be out'a his mind to put up fifty million for your head."
  • "This fight'll be two hits: Me hittin' you, and you hitting 50,000 volts."
  • "I know. Intimidating ain't I?"
  • "You're about to be taught a lesson in pain".
  • "Name yourself after an animal, and you're gonna get eaten."


  • Because of the mock boss fight and his death later on, Electrocutioner is the only assassin not fought in the game.
  • It is unknown who made his electric gloves, as his profile states that they don't know if he made it or if someone else did.
  • After his death, when Batman takes his electric gloves, if the player looks at Electrocutioner, he is still wearing another pair of Shock Gloves.

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