GCPD Officer Elvis Jones was an undercover Officer within Arkham City.


Batman: Arkham CityEdit

When Arkham City was developed, Commissioner James Gordon, due to his attempts to question Sharp about Arkham City either being ignored directly or placed in red tape, sent ten members of the 13th precinct to go undercover into Arkham City, one of them being Elvis Jones. He was also entrusted with the code "Sarah" to give to Batman in the event that he arrived in Arkham City to verify their identity.

Unfortunately, as soon as he and his fellow squad arrived in Arkham City, they were exposed via an information leak and captured by the Penguin's men. He was then interrogated near the entrance of the museum hideout of the Penguin by his henchmen, until Batman neutralized them and saved Jones. After learning from him about their capture, Batman went to save the rest of the team while Jones remained at the entrance, fascinated by the ninja in the display case.

Later, after Batman had freed Mr. Freeze and taken out Penguin, the undercover officers took over the Iceberg Lounge as a stronghold. After Batman's encounter with Ra's al Ghul, Jones contacts Batman, who meets with him in the Iceberg Lounge. Jones gives Batman a mine disrupter chip to help Batman disable proximity mines.


  • Elvis Jones is the only GCPD 13th Precinct squad member other than the squad leader, Tom Miller, who stated their full names to Batman.
  • The password "Sarah" is likely a reference to Sarah Essen-Gordon who was Gordon's second wife, until she was murdered by the Joker.