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General Information
Real name: Edward Nashton
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Asylum (Batman #140)
Created by: Bill Finger
Dick Sprang
Abilities: Genius Level Intellect
Portrayed by: Wally Wingert (voice)
"Think of me as an information broker. I've got data handlers everywhere - feeding me all kinds of interesting stuff!"
― Enigma[src]

Edward Nigma is a man who has spent a vast amount of his life studying, exploring and memorizing all the knowledge he possibly could. Being raised by abusive and neglectful parents, he strived to be the most intelligent man alive. His parents (primarily his father) refused to believe he could ever become smarter than them, often accusing him of cheating whenever he succeeded in school academics or trivial games. This may have been what caused his inferiority complex to become so deep that he feels compelled to always leave cryptic clues to anyone worthy of his games in an attempt to prove both his honesty and his intellect.


Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

Arkham Origins Enigma

Enigma belittling the Dark Knight.

The mysterious stranger known only as Enigma first catches the Dark Knight's attention when he notices a disturbance in his cryptographic sequencer, leading him to a GCR comm link tower with a booby-trapped mainframe. After piecing together a crime scene that involved the death of a maintenance employee, the Dark Knight becomes acquainted with the computer hacker who would one day be known as the Riddler. Enigma also had the man he hired to rig the mainframe access panel, John F. Baker, killed at the Diamond District to clean any traces of his involvement.

Although at first the Dark Knight suspects the hacker to just be another crook on Black Mask's payroll and, while the hacker is indeed aiding Black Mask's schemes (though he is intially unaware that it was actually the Joker who hired him, disguised as the crime lord), it is soon discovered that Enigma has plans of his own. By using a variety of methods, Enigma has been able to obtain massive amounts of blackmail on Gotham's most powerful citizens, planning to release the information to the public in order to inspire chaos in the streets.

Dismissing the Dark Knight's attempt to stop him as a minor inconvenience, Enigma continued to taunt Batman as he attempted to disrupt all the radio towers, but eventually Batman succeeded. Finally, after destroying all relays, interrogating all informants and collecting all the data packs, Batman came back to Enigma's HQ and destroyed his server. Enigma accepted temporary defeat, while claiming that he now holds onto the biggest, dirtiest secret that puts his collection of data to shame. Batman later unlocked Enigma's secret room, which revealed several items of interest: newspaper clips indicating Enigma's research on the Batman's identity (with the two main suspects being Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent), pressure pads, cages, and one green glowing question mark that would later be referred to as the Riddler Trophy.

It is later revealed by Alfred that Enigma's real name is Edward Nashton, head of the GCPD's Cyber Crime division, explaining how he had so much access to the city's communications network and the extortion data he planned to release. With this knowledge in hand, Batman is prepared to apprehend Edward, who has since gone on the run, the second he resurfaces.

A coded message within the GCPD server and telecom rooms reveal that Nashton had only recently joined the organization as its Cyber Crime Division head, revealing that he had joined the GCPD simply to gain inside information through his newly acquired access to the entire city's infrastructure and files, which would eventually be used as extortion data on all of Gotham.

Cold Cold HeartEdit

The next day, just as Mayor Hamilton Hill was about to make Peter Grogan Loeb's replacement for GCPD commissioner, envelopes from an anonymous individual were supplied to various media outlets containing evidence strongly implicating Hill and Grogan for ties with the Maroni Crime Family. It is strongly implied that Enigma had been responsible for exposing Hill's corrupt nature and the ensuing six-day protests as his "biggest, dirtiest secret."

On New Year's Day, Mayor Hill eventually ended up resigning in disgrace from office, although he had not ruled out a possible attempt at re-election during the new year. Regardless of whether he'll run for office or not, his resignation meant Grogan would not become commissioner.

This meant that, ironically enough, Enigma's plans had a profoundly positive effect on Gotham City as they finally revealed the corruption and conspiracy within Gotham's infrastructure and allowed the public access to the knowledge and evidence they needed to force their corrupt public officials out of office and appoint more ethical and noble individuals instead. Whether or not this was Engima's intentions is unknown, though his previous statements of wanting chaos in the streets seem to make it unlikely, given that the resolution to Hill's resignation ended on relatively peaceful terms, despite nearly a week of protests, and not the destruction Enigma had envisioned.

Batman: Assault on ArkhamEdit

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Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

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Batman: Arkham CityEdit

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Batman: Arkham KnightEdit

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  • "Well, well. If it isn't the King Thug himself."
  • "You're cheating aren't you? You're getting help from someone. But who... Who's smart enough to outsmart me?!"
  • "Your response is as predictable as it is banal. Goodbye."
  • "You're quickly approaching the point of no return. I'd turn back if I were you!"
  • "What's wrong with you? It's not like I'm backing the bad guys here. Well - not usually."
  • "Alright. We've had our fun. But this endeavor's grown tiresome."
  • "I thought you had a city to save? So what are you doing, wasting time with me?"
  • "I'm disappointed Batman. You do realize there are other ways to overcome obstacles beyond smashing them?"
  • "Crawling around in vents like a common rat. How... expected."
  • "I bet steering that thing requires a whole lot of concentration - OOPS! SORRY ABOUT THAT!"
  • "You know, if you'd have asked nicely, I would have opened the door for you."
  • "You must be feeling pretty good about yourself, Batman. I mean, you took down all the towers! Which means you've foiled my plan... Except, oh wait, I already have all the data I need. And as soon as I'm done uploading it - so will everyone in Gotham."

Game Over LinesEdit

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Enigma00:22

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Enigma

Game Over Screens

  • "Brains always triumph over brawn, my friend. Always!"
  • "And here I thought I'd finally met my intellectual equal. So much for that."


  • Batman dubs him "Enigma" because Nasthton said he was "a great, big mystery [Batman] will never solve".
    • The name itself also alluded to his daughter in one of the comics.
    • Enigma is also the name of the character in the Spanish translations, among others.
  • Ironically, this may have been what inspired Edward to change his name to Edward Nigma - E. Nigma
  • Enigma's secret room cannot be accessed until all the Extortion Data has been collected and all the Relay Stations have been destroyed.


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