Enrique El Gancho was a former enforcer turned smuggler who crossed paths with Nightwing and Batman in Gotham.


Once an enforcer in his native Columbia, Enrique turned his attention to international smuggling. His enterprise was quite expansive dealing with shipments that fill an ocean liner. Also, the focus of his smuggling was diverse and included guns as well as priceless artifacts from South America.

When Catwoman came into possession of a priceless gemstone in South American, she smuggled it out of the country through Enrique's contraband merchandise. Along with Nightwing, she sneaked inside Enrique's ship to retrieve the stone, where Enrique engaged the masked assailants. However, he was no match for Batman, who took him down with relative ease.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Although not a metahuman, Enrique nevertheless packed a punch in hand-to-hand combat. His size was matched by his strength and when coupled with his hook, he was quite a formidable foe indeed.


The New Batman Adventures Edit

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