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Batman and Robin, having returned to The Batcave from declawing Catwoman once again, promptly ascend to Wayne Manor as Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson, who come calling to take Chief O'Hara, Commissioner Gordon and his daughter, Barbara, to the opera. Unfortunately, Barbara, in an elevator, is startled at the presence of The Penguin and his henchmen in the overhead. His goons reach down with the hooks of umbrellas to seize her. Barbara is hoisted towards the top. The Penguin has now kidnapped Barbara with the aim of forcing her to marry him! His henchmen exit the elevator. The now bound and gagged Barbara is dragged into the empty apartment next to hers. The Penguin tells the astonished group by phone that they should read the society section of the evening newspaper. When they do, they discover the announcement of a forthcoming wedding - between Barbara and The Penguin and they desperately try to locate The Penguin's hideout. Penguin's henchmen, in search of a minister to perform the ceremony, fall upon The Reverend Hazlitt and Alfred. The quick-thinking butler pretends that he is The Reverend and leaves with the thugs. Bruce and Dick become The Dynamic Duo and locate Penguin's hideout in a vacant apartment next door to Barbara's. Believing Alfred to be a man of The Cloth, she swears him to secrecy and then walks ever so precariously along the ledge to her apartment. She enters her bedroom, activates a secret panel and changes into Batgirl. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin burst into the apartment which they discover holds a befuddled Alfred Pennyworth and a wedding dress stuffed with pillows!

Just as The Penguin and his Finks confront The Dynamic Duo, Batgirl arrives to help overcome Penguin and his men. Batman and Robin are definitely taken aback by the arrival of this new crime fightress. Meanwhile, Alfred, who had been listening at the locked door, has guessed Batgirl's secret identity! As The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder try to rescue Alfred from the locked room, Batgirl returns to the apartment where, as Barbara, she had been held. However, The Penguin regains consciousness and gasses The Duo. Then after having them put into sacks, along with Alfred and the wedding dress stuffed with pillows, he tosses them off the terrace in his waiting truck, which drives them to Penguin's auxiliary hideout.

Barbara Gordon spots Penguin making his escape in the truck, transforms once again into Batgirl and pursues the truck to the hideout on her Batgirl cycle and arrives in time to gets a chance to show her mettle when she saves The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder from being dunked in a vat of boiling water and being steamed alive! As The Dynamic Duo precipitates a melée with The Penguin and his henchmen, Batgirl confronts Alfred for deceiving her. Alfred merely informs her that he didn't mean to lie, for he chose to take the minister's place to protect him. Apologizing and forgiving him, Batgirl makes him promise not to reveal her true identity; Alfred agrees and she quickly changes into the wedding dress so Batman will not become suspicious of her identity. After bagging The Penguin and his Finks, Batman and Robin turn to thank Batgirl for her help, but she is nowhere to be found.

After Bruce Wayne donates a sizable fund to a police charity, Gordon is shocked by a telephone call from The Riddler.





Riddler Riddle of Why a Daffadil is like a jet stream is never answeared in the series! For possible answears see the following link at

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