Esther Cobblepot
Br 007
General Information
Real name: Esther Cobblepot
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: Tucker Cobblepot (husband)
Oswald Cobblepot (son)
Characteristics: Gender - Female
Hair - Red
Eyes -
Portrayed by: Diane Salinger
Appearances: Batman Returns

Esther Cobblepot was the mother of Oswald Cobblepot, who grew up and terrorized Gotham City as The Penguin.


Esther was the wife of Tucker Cobblepot. Esther gave birth to the baby that eventually terrorized Gotham as the Penguin. Esther and Tucker abandoned Oswald in the sewers. Esther died at some point before her son's reappearance 33 years later.

Behind the Scenes

  • Esther's name could be seen on her headstone.

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