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Everywhere Man
The everywhere man
General Information
Real name: John Marlowe
Aliases: The Everywhere Man
Portrayed by: Brandon Routh
Appearances: The Batman


John Marlowe was a friend of Bruce Wayne's with a vast art collection. He was a very wealthy scientist and inventor who invented a wristband that allowed him to split into numerous clones, Batman first confronted The Everywhere Man as he attempted to steal a collection of paintings from a gallery. After tricking Batman, he escaped into a closet and promptly disappeared without a trace. He again managed to escape the scene of the crime by duping Batman And Robin. The Dynamic Duo soon realized that they were dealing with multiple thieves dressed in the same attire rather than one sole culprit.

The Batman then suspects John Marlowe may be involved and begins to investigate. He soon learns that Marlowe has created a device which allows him to make multiple versions of himself and create carbon copies of anything he likes thanks to a device he invented. Batman and Robin later learn that it is merely a duplicate imposing as Marlowe who has been stealing the art and tricks the remaining duplicates into turning against the man Everywhere Man before the original Marlowe destroys the duplication device, ridding the world of The Everywhere Man. As it wasn’t actually him that committed the crimes, he received no punishment for the thefts.


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