Jackson Eckhouse, Esquire, also known as Falcone's Consigliere, was Carmine Falcone's right hand man. He was defeated in the same fight in which Falcone was also defeated.

History Edit

Eckhouse was a childhood friend of Falcone, and went to law school with Falcone's illy-received money. He acted as his lawyer, and also his consigliere (advisor). Later on, was accompanying Carmine Falcone's Thugs when Falcone was unloading supplies from the Docks. He confessed he was afraid of small spaces to another thug, who wanted to know more about him and what was his business. Eckhouse told him it would be best if he didn't ask, so the guard walked away. Batman took advantage of this and beat him up, forcing him to drop his pistol. When he interrogated him at first, he said that he would get nothing from him, but Batman had overheard the conversation with the thug. Batman thus threw him in a storage container to interrogate him about who sold Falcone the rabbits stuffed with drugs. He did not know his name, but he knew that he was "some kind of doctor" and that he thought that he may have worked at Arkham. Batman proceeded to let him out of the container, but he subsequently passed out because of claustrophobia. He was most likely discovered by the police and jailed.

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