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Fat T
Fat T
General Information
Real name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Portrayed by: Kevin Michael Richardson
Appearances: Batman Beyond

Fat T was the leader of the T's.

History Edit

When the Jokerz hijacked an experimental military aircraft and decided to attack their rivals, the T's, Batman learned what they were up to and went ahead to warn them at their subway headquarters. Fat T refused to accept his demands to leave, attacking him with the pool cue he had just been using, but proved to be no match for him. After a few of his fellow T's followed their leader's example, they evacuated just before the Jokerz arrived.

The T's later made the mistake of assaulting Bruce Wayne and Maxine Gibson while they searched for Terry, who had gone missing. After a scuffle, Fat T was forced to retreat with his gang once again when Wayne attacked him with his cane.


Batman BeyondEdit

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