That man was one of The Joker's many Goons. He was shorter than the other Goons, but just as well-muscled. Of the Joker's six main auxiliary goons, he is the one who talks the most; his voice is angry and belligerent, with a thick New York accent.


That Goon wore a fedora. He was first seen when the Joker killed Antoine Rotelli. He was seen several times at the Flugelheim Museum messing up one of the artifacts. He and the goons later gave chase in his car, along with Bob. After the chase, they shot Batman. That Goon thought that Batman was human and Vicki Vale took a picture of them. He was back punched by Batman and was put in a garbage can.

Along with five other Joker goons, he disguised himself as a street mime in order to sneak up on Vinnie Ricorso's bodyguards and shoot them after the Joker stabbed Ricorso in the throat with a quill pen. His makeup included a large red stripe on his chin that blended with his red lips.

He was later seen in Gotham City's 200th Anniversary Parade, and stood by Joker. When the Joker's poison-gas parade balloons were stolen by Batman, he watched in shock as the Joker demanded that Bob hand over his gun and then, when Bob obeyed, shot him dead with it. He then fired his own gun in the air and yelled at the parade-goers who were still helping themselves to the Joker's large gift of cash to leave immediately.

It was unknown if he was killed by Batman with the Batwing. Had he survived, it was implied that he was captured by the GCPD as Commissioner James Gordon stated at the end of the film that the remnants of Joker Goons were neutralized.

Other AppearancesEdit

Some goons in the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MS DOS, MSX, ZX Spectrum and Amiga video game adaptions of the Batman film were based off Chase's character, who shot at Batman. That character appeared in the Gotham Cathedral Level.

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