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Ferris Boyle
General Information
Real name: Ferris Boyle
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Origins (Cold, Cold Heart DLC)
Affiliations: GothCorp
Portrayed by: Stephen Tobolowsky

Ferris Boyle is the CEO of GothCorp, and reputed to be a humanitarian. In reality, however, he is a stone-cold, unethical sociopath, whose 'legitimate projects' are actually a front to cover up his illegal and dangerious weapons manufacturing operations, which came to fruition through a combination of extortion, embezzlement, abduction, and even murder.


Cold Cold HeartEdit

Ferris Boyle secretly conducted research into highly illegal and dangerous cryogenic weaponry, keeping most of his staff out of the loop. Eventually, he learned that one of GothCorp's scientists, Dr. Victor Fries, had successfully managed to place his dying wife, Nora Fries, into cryostasis, and intrigued by this, offered him a deal: Fries work on his cryogenic weapons program, and in exchange Ferris Boyle will supply him with funding to finding a cure for the terminal illness Huntington's Chorea, which Nora was afflicted with.

Fries, desperate to save his wife, agreed to the deal. However, Boyle had absolutely no intention of actually fulfilling his end of the bargain and was far more interested in using Nora as a test subject in order to discover and research additional cryogenic techniques to apply to his projects and weaponize her condition. Fries, upon discovering this, decided to take matters into his own hands, proceeding to secretly conduct his research on the cure. Boyle eventually discovered this, and had him brought to the lab, confiscating Nora's capsule, and had him beaten. He also fired a prototype cryogenic cannon, causing an explosion trapping a security guard and Fries. He left the lab staff for dead, disposing of the gun, and proceeded to have the place quarantined, believing that all witnesses were dead, covering up the event.

Some time later, on New Years Eve, Ferris Boyle was presented with the humanitarian of the year award by the Wayne Foundation, with Bruce Wayne even believing that he would be a good hope for Gotham. However, the ceremony was interrupted with the arrival of Mr. Freeze, alongside several of Penguin's henchmen, intending to abduct Boyle so they could use his security clearance to access Nora's capsule and get her out of GothCorp. Upon Boyle's capture, he was then dragged over to the Propellant Research Wing and then taken hostage when Batman tried to rescue him. Freeze then told Boyle to supply him with the security codes for Nora. When Boyle refused, he threatened to freeze him so he could experience his wife's fate.

Batman eventually caught up with him, and informed him that he knows the truth about what Boyle did to him (having investigated the quarantined lab earlier while searching for components for a cryodrill to access the lab). Boyle tried to falsely state that it was an accident, with Freeze going berserk and throwing him into a containment field. After Freeze was defeated by Batman, Boyle revealed his true nature and proceeded to "thank" Batman for doing the heavy lifting and aimed a cryogenic Jetstream at Freeze, with Batman getting in the way of it. Boyle then revealed his intention to leave Batman for dead to silence him of his discovery.

He then sadistically beat a pleading Freeze and taunted him that he's going to let Freeze live long enough to watch Nora die. Batman managed to free himself due to his XE suit and beat him into unconsciousness, also telling him to "take a seat" in disgust for the "humanitarian." Because of evidence supplied by Batman regarding Boyle's crime, he was arrested alongside Freeze and Penguin.

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Boyle is referenced via the riddle "Who can Boyle and Freeze at the same time" and Mr. Freeze's interview tapes. Freeze's antagonism with the Joker in the same game (although for slightly different reasons) also mirrored that of Boyle (whom coincidentally were both voiced by Mark Hamill).


  • Batman's final words to Ferris Boyle after knocking him out in the ending, "Take a seat, humanitarian," are a paraphrase of Batman's final words to Boyle in "Heart of Ice", "Good night, humanitarian."

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