"Final Crisis: Revelations - Part Two"Edit

The Spectre comes to judge Renee Montoya for her role as leader of the Order of the Stone, but she recognizes him as her dead partner Crispus Allen. He apologizes, saying that he has no choice, and promises to make it painless, as wll as give her one last gift.

Crispus allows Renee to see Batwoman one last time. She is under attack from a group of thugs, and Renee begs Crispus for a chance to save her, but Crispus refuses, allowing only a sight. He then teleports her to the Bat-Signal to receive her judgment, causing her to drop the Spear of Destiny she was defending. Renee says that she did not intend to become leader of the Order, and she repents of having murdered their leader, begging for mercy. The Spectre says that God has no mercy, and that her time has come.

Just then, a bright light appears from over by the signal, and the two see a woman glowing with light, who says that God has always had mercy. Renee immediately understand that this woman is the Spirit of Mercy, the Radiant. The Spectre grows agitated at the sight of her, feeling his duties denied, and actually strikes the Radiant. Radiant merely quotes the Bible and literally turns the other cheek. Crispus Allen then breaks down, scraming to know why Renee was shown mercy when he was forced to kill his own son Jake. Radiant reverts to her human identity of Sister Clarice and confronts Crispus about his role as the Spectre, his judgment on his son Jake, and the importance and power of his role and how he has used it only in a superficial way.

Meanwhile, Sister Wrack, the ringleader of the Religion of Crime, confronts Vandal Savage in a dilapidated hut. Sister Wrack impales Vandal Savage on the Spear, who is then reborn as Cain. Cain proceeds to lead his acolytes against the Spectre in retaliation for the curse he once inflicted on him.

Back at Gotham City Police Department headquarters, the Anti-Life Equation is released, corrupting all who see it. Maggie Sawyer and the Gotham City police force emerge from the GCPD headquarters and attempt to unleash the Equation on Renee. The Spectre holds the brainwashed police off while Radiant teleports Renee away to Batwoman's location. When Renee goes to check on Batwoman, Batwoman reveals that she now obeys Darkseid as well, and starts to recite the Equation.


"Final Crisis: Revelations - Part Two"Edit