"Final Crisis: Revelations - Part Three"Edit

The Radiant attempts to use her powers to calm the brainwashed people, but finds they have no effect. Renee is badly beaten by Batwoman, but is saved from death by The Spectre and the Radiant. The three retreat to a nearby church, taking in citizens who had escaped the Anti-Life brainwashing. Once inside, The Radiant uses her powers to heal Renee's wounds. Crispus and Sister Clarice debate over the lack of power they have in the present situation, and whether God has abandoned them, or worse, is allowing these events to happen. Meanwhile, Cain is gathering an army of followers, and is heading for Gotham, ready to kill the Spectre. Inside the church, Sister Clarice points out three men, whom she states had killed her. The men, terrified at what she has become, beg for mercy. She replies by saying she doesn't know if she can give it. The church is then surrounded by Cain and his followers. The Spectre faces Cain in hand-to-hand combat, but is quickly overwhelmed. Cain then stabs the Spectre in the chest with the Spear of Destiny.


"Final Crisis: Revelations - Part Three"Edit