"Final Crisis: Revelations - Part Four"Edit

Using the Spear of Destiny, Cain is able to separate The Spectre from Crispus, effectively killing him. The Spear's power turns The Spectre into Cain's slave, but proves ineffective against Renee. Attempting instead to impale her with it, Cain is attacked by Huntress, allowing The Radiant to bring Huntress, Renee, and Crispus's body back into the church, where her power prevents Cain and his hordes from entering.

Inside the church, the Radiant reveals the reason why she and the Spectre are so powerless, and why the Spear did not effect Renee. It is because the conflict is over God's greatest gift to humanity: their freedom, which means only the choices of humanity can decide the outcome.

Cain attempts to bargain with The Radiant, offering to kill the men who murdered her human host in return for the safety of all the others inside the church. The Radiant refuses, and Cain, in retaliation, forces The Spectre to recite the Anti-Life Equation, which unmakes creation itself, and rebuilds the world in Darkseid's name.


"Final Crisis: Revelations - Part Four"Edit