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Learning that Alfred Pennyworth is arranging the meal at the Multimillionaires' Annual Award Dinner, the nefarious Penguin lures the stalwart butler to a fake fish shop selling cut-price caviar. His henchmen abduct Alfred by suffocating him with knockout gas. While held under an umbrella stand, Alfred struggles with all his might. Crying out for the police in between gasping for air. It's reported to Chief O'Hara that a pair of hoodlums are seen dragging the sedated bound and gagged Wayne butler encased in a fishnet. Into a getaway van. Once they arrive with Alfred, Penguin subjects him to brainwashing, in an attempt to discover the dinner's secret location and the identity of the bathing beauty chosen to accept the award money for this year's honoured charity. Alfred is then returned home before he can be missed, and without the slightest recollection of his ordeal. However, Batman and Robin become suspicious after noting the butler’s nervous tics, and on finding a fishhook in his morning coat. Deducing the Penguin’s involvement, Batman surmises that the fishy fowl’s hideout is located on a fishing pier owned by one Knott A. Fish (not a fish…). But when the Dynamic Duo investigate they are snared by fish hooks. As they struggle and protest, Penguin sprays them unconscious with his umbrella gas. They are dragged off and imprisoned inside a vacuum tank filled with balloons - which swiftly begins to suffocate them to death…




Penguin although clever-suffers from short term memory loss-he has trouble recogizing Alfred as a forger in disguise {Ballpoint Baxter Epsiode} and doesnt recogzine Alfred at all when he mistakenly thinks Alfred is a minister after kidnapping Barbara Gordon! {of Course Penguin also failed to recognize Bruce Wayne after he captured Wayne in his umbrella factory}

Among the Criminal pictures in the Batcave computer are those of the series producers-Howie Horzwitz and William Dozier {In joke}

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