General Information
Real name: Harlan Combs
First Appearance: Gotham Central #3 (March 2003)
Created by: Unknown
Affiliations: None
Abilities: His costume contained tanks of napalm to set fire to things.
Portrayed by: None


A new Firebug debuted in Gotham Central #3. At first, his identity was a mystery, and he was a mystery, and he was wanted in the murder of a teenage girl, who was killed baby-sitting job. Eventually, the Gotham police deduced that the culprit was Harlan Combs, the father of the child she was sitting, and by all accounts a perfectly normal man. Combs had purchased the Firebug costume and armor from Rigger (the first Firebug). He was injured fleeing the police and was quickly arrested.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike the first Firebug, Combs lacked the military training that Rigger did. The costume though, remained unchanged; still possessing the napalm tanks to set things on fire.

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