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Firefly ArkhamOrigins
General Information
Real name: Garfield Lynns
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Origins (Detective Comics #184)
Affiliations: The Joker
Black Mask
Abilities: Pyrotechnics, explosives, various incendiary devices
Portrayed by: Crispin Freeman (voice)
"How do you want to die? The quick, incinerating flash of an explosion? Or a nice...slow...BURN?!"

A pyromaniac, Garfield Lynns, also known as Firefly, began as a FX artist at Panessa studios, until he ended up laid off by Tomaso Panessa, the owner of Panessa Movie Studios, largely due to the financial failure of the film The Inferno, despite critical acclaim. In response, Lynns committed his first murder against his former employer by burning him with nitroglycerine from his flask with a match. He then became a petty criminal, but soon graduated to major crimes as a terrorist centering around arson, torching huge parts of Gotham City in the process. But his fires soon raged out of his control, leaving him horribly scarred by one of his own blazes.

His body is almost fully covered with burns, and he now wears a full-body flame-retardant suit when he's out pursuing his criminal interests between bouts of incarceration in Blackgate.

By the time of Batman's second year, Firefly had managed to earn 178 counts of arson, 52 of which resulted in various deaths, 4 counts of murder of the first degree, and 10 counts of robbery.


Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

Firefly is one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask, who was later revealed to be the Joker, to kill Batman for $50 million. He is first seen at the assassins' meeting in the Royal Hotel along with Bane and the Electrocutioner, where Black Mask reveals himself to be the Joker. After the meeting, he flies off to the Gotham Pioneers Bridge, where he sets up four bombs.

Later, after Batman discovers Bane knows his secret identity, he intercepts a broadcast from the GCPD about Firefly saying that he will activate the bombs if anyone but Batman approaches the bridge. According to one of Firefly's henchmen in a conversation with SWAT Division leader Howard Branden when he was held hostage, Firefly packed the bridge with enough explosives to have the resulting explosion be heard throughout at least Gotham, if not the entire eastern seaboard region of the United States.

Knowing that Firefly's bombs will put innocent people in danger, Batman goes to the bridge. He disables three of the bombs, one in the boiler room, one in the train station, and one in the south pillar. Afterwards, he confronts Firefly, and informs him that the Joker's arrested, and thus he no longer has a reason to even pursue the bounty. However, Firefly admits that he doesn't actually care about whether he succeeds in getting the bounty, as he only participated in the hit as an excuse to cause arson-related destruction to anything he can get his hands on, including Batman. Batman then uses the Batclaw to take the detonator out of his hands.

Torched flying rodent Arkham Origins

Batman latches unto firefly to bring him down

During the fight, Firefly finds the detonator when his flamethrower knocked over one of the destroyed cars and proceeded to taunt Batman with the latter being "a bat that can't fly," but finds out that the last bomb does not go off, as the GCPD bomb squad managed to get to the bomb before Batman. Enraged, Firefly chased Batman to the other side of the bridge as they continue to fight. As Firefly tries to retreat after unleashing a salvo of explosions near Batman, Batman latches on with the Batclaw, causing them to crash-land on a support of the bridge, where he destroys his jetpack and subdues Firefly, leaving him for the GCPD.

Batman: Assault on ArkhamEdit

While the Suicide Squad is rummaging through the evidence locker shortly before Batman ambushes them, they managed to find apparel belonging to Firefly. King Shark had never heard of him prior to discovering the apparel.

Firefly article

Firefly news clipping

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

While he does not appear in the game, a bathroom cabinet in the patient observation room in the medical facility is covered with newspaper clippings about the villain, including his first arsons. Also stored in the cabinet of drawers is Firefly's flame-throwing backpack and nozzle. Scanning the clippings will unlock his bio.

Batman: Arkham KnightEdit

Firefly batmobile chase

Firefly returns over a decade later

Years later, Firefly returns to challenge the Dark Knight once again, this time under the orders of the Scarecrow, who has united all of the city's worst villains and criminals to finally destroy Batman and conquer Gotham City. Firefly in particular had a score to settle with Batman, wanting revenge for his defeat on the Pioneer's Bridge during their previous encounter. Weeks before, he had been in an alliance with 17 Fire Chief Raymond Underhill to cause fires at abandoned and under construction buildings out of desperation to allow the Fire Department of Gotham City to still be in use, due to then-recent plans to lay off the entire fire-fighting force by the Gotham City government due to the decreased rate of fires.

Following a mass evacuation of the city on Halloween after Scarecrow reveals that he has hidden a massive chemical weapon, filled with his new fear toxin, the villains and their gangs begin to take over the streets, while the police attempt to contain the chaos. During the carnage, Firefly attacks the Station 17 crew, as they were making their way back into the city to help rescue civilians, by setting fire to their truck. The villain's hired gang, comprised of members of Two-Face and Penguin's army alike, then abducted all the firefighters and held them at strategic locations throughout the city to simply torture and kill them, as Firefly took offense to their profession.

Firefly then began to set fire to the Gotham fire stations throughout the city, previously cutting the emergency sprinkler systems, in order to draw Batman to him and exact his revenge for leaving him to be arrested on Pioneers Bridge over a decade ago. As Batman used the batmobile's unique cable and operating systems to start the sprinkler systems again and put out the blazes, Firefly explosively exited the burning structures each time, and forced Batman to chase him throughout the city, using various fire based weaponry in an attempt to kill the Dark Knight.

Bat flytrap

Batman takes down Firefly once again

Despite his preparations, Firefly was once again defeated by Batman and escorted to the GCPD, with the use of his own jetpack no less, which was immediately dismantled by Batman upon their arrival, and was subsequently arrested and placed within lockup, while his equipment was stored as evidence. Adding insult to injury, Batman also rescued every single member of the Fire Station 17 crew previously abducted under Firefly's orders, apprehended all the gang members partaking in Firefly's plans, and uncovered the alliance between the pyromaniac and Chief Underhill, who expressed remorse for the partnership and was willing to accept the consequences of his actions.

Personality Edit

As a professional arsonist, assassin and criminal, Firefly is often called upon by various crime lords, including the Joker for his unique skill set and expertise. However, his pyromania, psychotic obsession with fire and sadism make him unstable to such a degree that he is likely to burn anything in his path, simply to watch it burn to ashes rather than complete his goals, even at risk of his own safety which also resulted in bodily third-degree burns. Although intelligent and displaying impressive planning and strategic skills, this is again hampered by his obsessions. Viewing fire as a force of nature, Firefly states to be absolved of all faults due to having been purified by the flames. His scars also enforce this viewpoint and insanity to the point where he only wishes to "purify" everyone else by fire and his Arkham Asylum files claim that he denies any form of medication or skin grafts whenever he receives more scars, displaying some form masochism. Firefly is also obsessively vengeful and has a deep hatred of anything that underwhelms fire, making it not coincidencetal that he had 30 firefighters kidnapped. He had a habit of gloating and mocking his opponents which can be specifically seen as he fought Batman on top of Gotham Pioneer Bridge.


  • Thorough knowledge of flammable agents
  • Extensive arsenal of fire-producing weapons
  • Jetpack with high-speed and high maneuverability
  • Scarred over 90% of his body
  • Sociopath with intense pyromania

Psychological Profile (by Dr. Young)Edit

180px-The Firefly img

Firefly's photo


Real Name: Garfield Lynns

Psychological Profile: A dedicated pyromaniac, Lynns has embraced his disorder and, for much of his life, managed to positively reinforce his fire-starting tendencies and related euphoria through profits from various acts of arson. Horribly scarred by one of his own blazes (perhaps due to a euphoric fugue that left him incapable of escaping the flames?) Lynns's extreme pathology definitely borders on the suicidal. Extreme treatment would be necessary to break the cycle of rewards he has set up for himself.

Additional Notes

Batman Arkham Knight Character Bios Firefly

He is extraordinarily adept at maintaining a cache of flammable items in his cell, despite his tendency to burn through them, pun intended.

It is rare for a pyromantic to graduate to psychopathic behavior equal to Lynns's extreme acts of arson. And the extensive burns on his body seem to have barely affected him. He might be a good candidate for some of the more experimental forms of treatment I'm developing...


Game Over LinesEdit

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Firefly00:34

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Firefly

Game Over Screens

  • "Gotham's gonna BURN! And with you out of the way, there's no one left to stop me!"
  • "Aww, look at that. Poor little bat got his wings clipped!"
  • "Well, it looks like this is goodbye!"


  • In Arkham Origins, Firefly's profile states that he doesn't seek medical attention for his burns, instead feeling pleasure from them; this suggests that he's masochistic.
  • In the Batman: Arkham Unhinged comic expansion, it is revealed that Firefly is the right-hand man for Black Mask.

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