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General Information
Real name: Garfield Lynns
Aliases: Firefly
Portrayed by: Jason Marsden
Appearances: The Batman

Firefly appeared in The Batman voiced by Jason Marsden. In the series, he is a mercenary and arsonist for hire.


A corporate saboteur, Firefly executed a few take-downs of rivals to GothCorp. Paid by the job, Firefly did each one with ease until The Batman intervened. Though Firefly proved to be a challenge for The Batman at first, he was taken down when The Batman mimicked Firefly's high-speed jet-pack, allowing him to play "catch-up" and take Firefly down. He debuted in "The Big Heat" and later appeared in "Fire and Ice" and "Team Penguin".

In "White Heat", Firefly gains a new partner and lover, Blaze, and they both steal a phosphorus isotope to upgrade his battle suit. An accident causes the isotope to mutate Firefly into Phosphorus, who acquires greater powers, but is also driven insane.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Firefly's weapons and paraphernalia include a heat ray, a battle suit, and a jetpack (which sounds like a fly when it is used).

In the sky, he is a dangerous enemy but when he's grounded, he's not much of a threat, as his hand-to-hand skills were useless against the Batman.


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