As the future seems bleak for our beloved Boy Wonder, Bruce blocks the mechanical works of the mobile with himself and his chair, long enough for Robin to work himself loose and use one of the flailing knives to deactivate the mechanism. Returning to see if the mobile has completed its diabolical duty, The Joker and his crooked cronies are jumped on by Bruce and The Boy Wonder. While they pin the henchmen to a wall with carefully thrown pallette knives, Joker begs for Baby Jane's forgiveness; feeling sorry for him, B.J. arranges for his freedom. She then takes him back home with her, where, during a chicken dinner, Joker covers her antique table with paint and has his henchmen chop it up. He convinces the gullible B.J. that he has turned her table into a work of art, and she lets him replace the priceless Renaissance art collection in her father's wing at the museum with the table's painted remains. After snatching the collection, The Joker puts through a call to Gordon and demands $10 million in order to ransom the paintings, or he will burn them! Unknown to Joker, The Batman replaced the stolen paintings with rather "childish" fingerpaintings by Alfred. Shocked by the sudden appearance of The Daring Duet, Joker retreats with Baby Jane, while his men take quite a Bat-beating. Planning to revenge himself against Bruce Wayne and hoping to swipe some loot, Joker arrives at Wayne Manor, where he loses a duel with Alfred and runs into Bruce's study; there he trips the switch to The Batpoles, hidden in a bust of William Shakespeare. Mistaking it for a secret passage, he slides down one of the poles---but not before a quick-thinking Alf activates The Emergency Batpole Elevator, sending The Clown Prince Of Crime crashing to the top of the shaft. After a couple of trips up and down the pole, Joker finally gives up. Later, Alfred opens an exhibit of his "childish" paintings, with proceeds donated to The Wayne Foundation Free Nursery.


Eli Wallach as the frigid Mr. Freeze!




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