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Flugelheim Museum
General Information
Official name: Flugelheim Museum
Created by: Anton Furst
First Appearance: Batman
Country: United States
Locale: Gotham City
"Gentlemen! Let's broaden our minds."
the Joker[src]

The Flugelheim Museum was Gotham's most prestigious art gallery.


This was the location where the Joker arranged a meeting with Vicki Vale and also saw the first encounter between Batman and the newly 'reborn' Joker. The Joker caused the deaths of many innocent people there and did serious damage to the paintings.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Designing the FlugelheimEdit

"All the buildings, except the Cathedral, are dwarfed by the geometric savagery of the Flugelheim Museum whose brutal exterior is more akin to locomotive design than an art gallery like the Guggenheim"
Anton Furst[src]


  • As Vicki waits at the museum cafeteria, you can see "Fluegelheim Museum" is printed on the menu on her table. But when she escapes with Batman, the sign at the front entrance of the building says "Flugelheim Museum".
  • The handwriting on the note that accompanies the gas mask that is given to Vicki is that of director Tim Burton.
  • The inspiration for the name comes obviously from New York's Guggenheim Museum.
  • The famous portrait of Rembrandt hanging in the museum is vandalized during the Joker's museum rampage by the Tall Joker Goon with paint handprints. In the next scene, the prints are gone. Then, when the contents of the paintcan are splashed on the painting, the prints are back.


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