Francine Langstrom
General Information
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Knight

Francine Langstrom was the assistant and wife of Dr. Kirk Langstrom.


She worked with her husband to help develop a cure for deafness. When making the video depicting the fusing of his DNA with a vampire bat, she also helped him speak English rather than in scientific terms. However, during the test, things went horribly wrong, with Langstrom turning into Man-Bat and killing Francine while crazed from the transformation via snapping her neck. Batman discovered her corpse when investigating the area due to having a close encounter with Man-Bat and analyzing his blood sample to discover his true identity.


  • When returning to the lab after solving the Man-Bat related most wanted mission, her body has disappeared, the monitors are broken, and the words "Forever, my love" are written in blood, which may imply that Francine may have not only survived, but had become She-Bat like in the comics. However, the discovery of Man-Bat's escape if the clock is set on Halloween puts some doubt into this.

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