Freeze Gun
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General Information
Type: Custom Freeze Ray
Used by: Mr. Freeze

The Freeze Gun was the custom made weapon of choice that was used by Mr. Freeze.


Batman #121

The Freeze Gun first appeared in Batman #121 back in 1959 when Mr. Freeze was known by the name of "Mr. Zero" His gun was a small yellow canister.

Batman television show

The Freeze Gun was changed to a much larger two-handed rifle weapon.

Batman: The Animated Series

Freeze Ray

In the animated show, Mr. Freeze's gun is reduced to being a small one-handed pistol-like weapon again. Freeze steal parts from his former place of work, Gothcorp. Those parts were needed to construct a large Freeze Gun that was needed to battle his former company of employment. After Freeze was taken into custody by Batman, his suit and weapon were confiscated.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Cold, Cold, Heart

Arkham Origins Freeze Ray

In the DLC Pack of Batman: Arkham Origins, Freeze utilized an advanced suit with two powerful freeze rays that were built into the arm. Freeze used that to invade Wayne Manor in search of Ferris Boyle whom he managed to find and brought him to GothCorp. Once there, Freeze demanded Boyle give him the codes that were needed to access the lab where Nora was being held, and even went as far as threatened to freeze Boyle so that he would share his wife's fate.

When Batman arrived, Freeze and The Penguin's Henchmen began to combat the Caped Crusader. Freeze was defeated by Batman and was almost killed by Boyle had it not been for the Dark Knight. After that, Freeze's suit and weapon were confiscated after he was sent to Arkham Asylum.

Batman: Arkham City

Arkham city mr freeze screen 2

When Professor Hugo Strange had opened Arkham City, Freeze was one of the first inmates who were sent there. Freeze settled into the old GCPD Building where he continued his research in the forensic labs. Freeze was captured by Pengiun, who took his suit and weapons due to the violent gang war that he was in with The Joker and Freeze worked on a cure for the Clown Prince of Crime's Titan Disease.

While Freeze's suit was placed in an exhibit in the Armory of the Museum, Penguin took possession of his Freeze Gun and used it against Batman. However, Freeze gave Batman a method of disabling the weapon in the form of the Disruptor. That gave Batman enough time to disarm Cobblepot and took him down only for him to also take down Solomon Grundy as well. After the fight, Freeze reacquired his Freeze Gun and returned to the old GCPD Building where he worked on a formula for the cure to the Titan Disease that was killing both Joker and Batman.

Batman returned, after he engaged Ra's al Ghul in combat, and gave Freeze the blood sample that was needed to make the cure. After he fabricated the cure, Freeze turned on Batman in the hopes of demanding him to save Nora from the clutches of Joker. Angered by Batman's refusal, Freeze began a fight between himself and the Caped Crusader and used his Freeze Gun in the process.

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