Frosty was one of the Snowy Cones Thugs who worked for Mr. Freeze.


Frosty was a thug who used to work for Mr. Freeze. During that time, he worked for the Snowy Cones Thugs and Ms. B. Haven. Disguised in his warm suit, Frosty listened to Freeze who told him about his plan to freeze Gotham City and hold it for ransom unless the city bowed to his demands, Gotham would be winter forever and that they had no choice to bring the billions that he needed to complete his research so that he could find a cure for his wife.

Later he is seen trying to show his boss a newspaper article about Bruce Wayne donating some diamonds which might be of use to Freeze's plan. Angry at the interupton because he is  watching one of his old memorable movies of his wife, Freeeze uses his gun to freeze Frosty solid, but after seeing the paper, he unfreezes him and he goes with him to steal the diamonds.

He is last seen in a car chase from Batman and Robin in one of the vehicles opposite Freeze. Though Freeze's Freezemobile is able to make the jump from the statue onto a building, Frosty and the other henchman are not so lucky and crash into the windows of two buildings with a tremendous explosion that kills them both.


  • Frosty was based on a henchman of the same name in the Batman 1960's TV show, who was played by H.M. Wynat.