General Information
Real name: Unknown
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: Mr. Freeze (Boss)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Portrayed by: Joe Sabatino
Appearances: Batman & Robin

Frosty was one of the Snowy Cones Thugs who worked for Mr. Freeze.


Frosty was a thug who used to work for Mr. Freeze. During that time, he worked for the Snowy Cones Thugs and Ms. B. Haven. Disguised in his warm suit, Frosty listened to Freeze who told him about his plan to freeze Gotham City and hold it for ransom unless the city bowed to his demands, Gotham would be winter forever and that they had no choice to bring the billions that he needed to complete his research so that he could find a cure for his wife.


  • Frosty was based on a henchman of the same name in the Batman 1960's TV show, who was played by H.M. Wynat.

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