Gardner Fox
General Information
Birth Name: Gardner Francis Cooper Fox
Birth Date: May 20, 1911
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, US
Death Date: December 24, 1986
Batman Creations: Baterang
Utility Belt
Barbara Gordon
Julie Madison
Doctor Death
The Monk
The Getaway Genius
The Bouncer
Johnny Witts

Gardner Fox was a prolific writer in DC Comics early history. Fox was a key figure in establishing some of Batman's long standing characteristics along with Bill Finger, like the first uses of the Batarang and utility belt.

Fox returned to Batman in 1965 with issue #171, penciled by Sheldon Moldoff at the behest of editor Julius Schwartz. He later worked with Carmine Infantino on the "New Look" Batman, putting him at two different eras of what are widely considered to be some of the earliest creative peaks of the character.

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