Giovanni Luchese
General Information
Real name: Giovanni Luchese
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Origins
Affiliations: Black Mask

Giovanni Luchese was a criminal who under the employ of the kingpin, Black Mask, as well as his body double. He was murdered by The Joker, a new criminal mastermind.


Batman: Arkham Origins Edit

Details on Giovanni Luchese's life prior to working under Roman Sionis were unknown, although he had undergone outstanding warrants of assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

After a new criminal mastermind known as the Joker had managed to break into one of Roman Sionis/Black Mask's safehouses and abducted Sionis' girlfriend, Tiffany Ambrose, Sionis, who was long afflicted with paranoia, had Luchese, one of his trusted henchmen, pose as him to distract the Joker while Sionis himself ambushed Joker from a window behind him. Unfortunately for Luchese, the Joker had already deduced that he was not actually Sionis (whom he needed alive so that he could steal laundered money from the Gotham Merchant's Bank, since it had safeguards that only Sionis himself could bypass), and managed to kill him instantly by shooting him straight through the heart. Luchese was 31 at the time of his death.

Luchese's body was later found by The Penguin when he investigated the incident. The Penguin was able to deduce that it was not Black Mask, as Luchese did not have a pacemaker. When the GCPD found Luchese's body, they overlooked that, as well as that Sionis had installed security features at the Gotham Merchant's Bank that only he was able to disable, assumed that it was Sionis's body instead, and that he was murdered by the Penguin (due to the latter leaving fingerprints at the scene, and also overlooked that the handprint on the soot that meant that he had arrived days later).


  • Giovanni Luchese was never actually named during the initial investigation on the Lacey Towers Murder. Luchese was instead named during Batman's summation of what actually happened shortly after he hacked into the National Criminal Database in the Sewers.

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