The awful fumes from the molten wax ultimately force Riddler and crew to take refuge downstairs, giving Batman the distraction he needs to reflect a single ray of sun off the shiny buckle of his utility belt into an open barrel of an explosive formula! The explosion that results frees The Duo from their bonds only to knock them out. Believing the explosion has finished them off, The Riddler informs Commissioner Gordon, et al, of the demise of Batman and Robin, and he and his crew hasten to The Gotham City Museum, to break into the sarcophagus of the ancient Incan emperor Hualpo Cusi � which supposedly contains the long-lost treasure. Meanwhile, a very much alive and well Batman and Robin regain consciousness and trace Riddler to the museum only to find it locked, with the only entrance seeming to be a small window on an upper floor -- too big for Batman to fit through, but small enough for a Boy Wonder. Robin climbs through the window and while making his way through the building to the front door to let Batman in, Robin is overpowered by Matches and Tallow, and brought to The Riddler, who has him tied down to a medieval rack to be stretched! The Caped Crusader suspects that The Boy Wonder is in trouble and makes ample use of The Batram under The Batmobile to smash open the museum doors. He arrives in time to rescue Robin and The Dynamic Duo thwart Riddler, Matches, Tallow and Moth in their attempt to plunder the ancient treasure, and stop their Universal Wax Solvent from destroying a rare old sarcophagus containing an Incan mummy and the treasure. Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson later take Aunt Harriet to The Gotham City Museum to see the mummified exhibit of Hualpo Cusi.


Batman jousts with The Joker again!




  • Hancock Park Elementary School


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