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As Batman and Robin are lowered into the vat of molten wax, the Caped Crusader uses the buckle on his utility belt to reflect a ray of sunlight into an open barrel of an explosive formula. The blast frees him and his trusty chum from their bonds, but also renders them unconscious. Believing his enemies to be dead, the Riddler and his gang head for the Gotham City Museum to break into the sarcophagus of the ancient Incan emperor Hualpo Cusi, which supposedly contains a long-lost treasure. Batman and Robin come to and track the Prince of Puzzles to the museum, but the building is locked, and only the Boy Wonder is small enough to fit through an open window. Inside, Robin is captured by Matches and Tallow and taken to the Riddler, who orders that the lad be tied to a medieval rack and stretched to death…




  • Hancock Park Elementary School


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