Golum Gang Leader
General Information
Real name: Unidentified
Aliases: Golum
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: Golums (Gang)
Characteristics: Hair - Brown
Eyes - Brown
Portrayed by: Doug Hutchison
Appearances: Batman & Robin
"Hello, my pretty, pretty, pretty. You look good enough to eat."
―The Golum Gang Leader to Poison Ivy.[src]

The Golum Gang Leader and the Golums, resided at the abandoned Turkish Bath House, until Poison Ivy, with the aid of Bane, threw them out.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Golum gang leader didn't seem to be the similarly attired Neon Gang Leader from Batman Forever. The relationship of their two gangs remained unclear.
  • He was played by Doug Hutchison, who's notable performance was as Percy in The Green Mile.

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