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A map of Gotham City as it is depicted in the game.
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The video game Batman: Arkham Origins takes place in its depiction of Gotham City. Set during Christmas Eve and 5 years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman, early on in his career, is being hunted by eight of the world's greatest assassins for a prize of $50,000,000. Batman encounters many of his well-known adversaries for the first time, including The Joker.



Gotham City's environment in Arkham Origins is set six years before the events of Batman: Arkham City on Christmas Eve, and shares both similarities and drastic differences with Arkham City's environment. The city consists of two islands: Old Gotham, a more older section of Gotham which will eventually become Arkham City, and New Gotham, a larger, wealthier, and modern section of Gotham filled with corporation buildings and towering skyscrapers. The two islands are separated by the large Gotham Pioneers Bridge.

Old Gotham contains many of Arkham City's districts and buildings, including a Park Row, Industrial District, a more intact Amusement Mile which has not yet been flooded, the Bowery, as well as Sheldon Park, an area in the center which eventually becomes the restricted section of Arkham City. Wonder Tower is located here. There are also some new locations included, such as the Gotham Merchants Bank in the Bowery, Dixon Docks and Penguin's ship, the Final Offer, in the Amusement Mile, and also various GCR towers located in each district of Gotham.

In New Gotham, there are three districts: the Diamond District, a majestic and wealthy part of Gotham consisting of tall, well-lit buildings and covered in Christmas decorations. Notable buildings here include the massive Royal Hotel, Gotham City Cinema, the Gotham News Building, and the Gotham City Daily. The second district in New Gotham is the Coventry area, which is a more industrial section of Gotham. Notable buildings here include Lacey Towers, and the Cale-Anderson building. The southern section of New Gotham has a more older-looking area, the Burnley district, which is filled mostly with smaller apartments, has accessible sewers running below it, and is also the home of the GCPD building and the headquarters of Enigma.

Both islands also have an inaccessible wall. In Old Gotham, a long watershed-like structure borders part of Sheldon Park and serves as the headquarters to Gotham City Light and Power. A small part of this area's interior is accessible. In New Gotham, a wall going along the west edge of Burnley and part of the south end of Coventry contains the headquarters for Gotham Rail.

Far south of New Gotham is Blackgate Prison, which is accessible only during the main story. The beginning and end sequences take place here, and the prison includes various corridors, an execution chamber, a Nexus, the Panopticon, a chapel, and a series of underground sewers.


Old GothamEdit

Park RowEdit


The BoweryEdit

  • Museum
  • Gotham Merchants Bank
  • Jezebel Plaza
  • Blaze Comics
  • Jezebel Theater
  • Mad Hatter's Hat Shop
  • Carmine Hotel
  • GCR Tower


Amusement MileEdit

  • Final Offer
  • Dixon Docks
  • Gotham Casinos
  • Gotham Rail Building
  • Gotham City Train Station (Old GCPD Building in Arkham City)
  • GCR Tower


Industrial DistrictEdit


Sheldon ParkEdit

  • Wonder Tower
  • Gotham City Light and Power
  • Old Gotham Freeway

New GothamEdit

Diamond DistrictEdit

  • Gotham City Royal Hotel
  • Elleworth Building
  • Gotham City News
  • Gotham City Daily
  • Gotham City Cinema
  • Soder Cola
  • Furniture Company
  • GCR Tower



  • Lacey Towers
  • Mendo Soaps
  • Cale-Anderson
  • Wayne Enterprises Warehouse
  • Trident Labs
  • Koul-Brau Brewery
  • Cyrus Pinkney School of the Arts
  • My Alibi Nightclub
  • GCR Tower



  • GCPD Building
  • Enigma's HQ
  • Sewer Tunnels
  • Hamilton Hill
  • Cyrus Pinkney's Crypt
  • Gotham Rail
  • GCR Tower


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