Gotham City Sirens 01-2

Alternate cover.


The issue starts off with Catwoman balancing on a gargoyle. She hears a scream and finds Boneblaster attacking a couple. He is mouthing off about who he is and Catwoman attacks him from the back. They fight back and forth until Poison Ivy starts strangling him with her vines. Poison Ivy and Catwoman talk while the vines beat the crap out of Boneblaster.

They go to Riddler's apartment where he is being controlled by Ivy's drug inducing plants. Catwoman and Ivy talk about the money that Catwoman gave to her and Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy says she gave it to a rain forest charity. Harley barges in dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. She's been shopping. Catwoman finds out that they plan on moving into Riddler's apartment and that Harley is spending almost all her money. Harley announces that she's over the Joker but sounds desperate at the thought of him calling her. Catwoman offers to them to join her and stick together. They agree but have to find out something first. They go into another room and Ivy uses the plants to contact Zatanna and ask her if she messed with the spell that helped Catwoman's heart surgery go well. Zatanna claims her spell was all good. They accept it. Then they all are happy about being a team and Catwoman invites them to live in her new house.

Boneblaster then breaks in through the wall and challenges them all, including the Riddler. He calls Harley Quinn "Schoolgirl" but she corrects him. He gets even more excited about fighting "Joker's chick". They all attack him while Riddler is still drug induced on the couch. Boneblaster accidentally knocks him out of his drug induced state. Catwoman pulls out some electrical wires and puts them in Boneblaster's hands. They electrocute him. His gloves are destroyed. Riddler gets pissed about what happened to his house. The girls leave and Riddler gets his question mark cane. Boneblaster admits that Riddler, Joker, and Two-Face are his idols. Riddler tells him that meeting your heroes are always a disappointment. He then beats up Boneblaster with his cane.

At the Gotham City Shelter for Cats and Dogs, the Broker is selling the place to Catwoman. She takes it and he then gets a phone call from the Mad Hatter about a new place. He leaves. Poison Ivy then blasts some truth gas into Catwoman's face and asks, "Who is Batman?"






  • Harley's mallet

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