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Catwoman is jogging around Gotham, she makes reference to her heart’s condition, and it seems that its still not 100% after Hush’s attack on it. Selina is approached by two men who live by the Siren’s hideout who are looking for their lost dog, and ask if Selina has seen it, she hasn’t. Selina heads back to the house she shares with the other sirens, in time, to see Ivy leaving for her new job at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Selina goes inside and tells Harley about the missing dogs. Having nothing else better to do, she decides she wants to go out and search for the missing dogs, dressed up in full costume and all, and Harley joins. Selina points out that it's broad daylight and Gordon knows where they live, so they don’t need to bring any more attention to that, because that brings the Bat. Regardless, they go out looking for the dog.

Meanwhile, in S.T.A.R. Labs, Ivy, going by Dr. Paula Irving, is at her first day of work as the Director of Biochemical Research. She decides to fire the man and his assistant who are directly lower of her in terms of power, in order to make a point, so that people fear and respect her. She then goes into a lab with a bunch of plants, to do god knows what.

While Selina and Harley were looking for the dogs, they can’t find them, then they come across gang members trying to catch a stray. They fight the gang members and save the stray. They went back home, only to find that Harley’s hyenas have been escaping at night and hunting down the dogs. Their yard is a miniature graveyard. So, Selina and Harley go to the two guys we saw at the beginning of the issue to say that the gang members took their dog, and give them the stray, they found to try and make up for it. They go back to their house and Selina tells Harley, she needs to give up her hyenas to a zoo.

Ivy is called into a lab to help out with a problem, she’s soon trapped in a tube that dehydrates plants. Turns out the doctor’s assistant, Alisa Adams, who she fired, did some researching on Paula Irving, to find nothing to back up the fact that she even exists. Being that she’s a woman, she put the pieces together, and finds out that it's Poison Ivy. So, she starts dehydrating Ivy.


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