Talia has given Zatanna the task to wipe Selina’s memories of Batman’s secret identity, but Zatanna isn’t so sure about it. Walking alone, she calls the ghost of her father to give her some advice. Zatara informs his daughter that he can’t tell her what to do, and ultimately Zatanna decides that keeping Bruce’s secret is more important that Selina’s love for him.

Inside the home of the Sirens, Ivy are Selina are having a verbal fight, with Ivy calling Selina a traitor. Harley tries to get in between them, but mostly goes ignored. Selina reminds Ivy that the locks Talia placed on her mind physically wouldn’t allow her to tell Ivy and Harley, Batman’s secret, but Ivy then points out that she could tell if she wanted to. Turns out Selina doesn’t exactly want to, so the fight continues.

Talia is overlooking the fight from a building across the way, trying to get Zatanna to get into gear. Zatanna eventually transports Harley and Ivy to her, then goes to Selina, chaining her up, and knocking her out.

Back in the middle of nowhere, Harley tries to convince Ivy to go with her to help Selina. Ivy obviously doesn’t want to, but Harley stands up for herself and demands Ivy to listen to her. In a last ditch effort to get Ivy to come with her, Harley reminds Ivy that it would mean she probably gets to fight Zatanna. Ivy agrees, and the duo hijacks a car, racing back to their home.

Zatanna is going through all of Selina’s memories, wiping them one by one. Outside, Talia takes sniper shots at Harley and Ivy, trying to prevent them from getting back, and eventually tries to topple a building on top of them. Zatanna still is taking her time going through Selina’s memories, and now has to go through the more subtle ones, like her waiting for him to show up, or wishing she didn’t care so much. Then she comes across one particular memory, when Talia offered her to lock her mind, and said to Selina that Bruce only loved the two of them. Then something snaps for Zatanna. She realizes she’s made a horrible mistake and restores all of Selina’s memories, then transports herself to Talia.

Zatanna confronts Talia, claiming she set everything up, all because she couldn’t handle Bruce loving Selina. Talia denies the accusations, so Zatanna asks to go through her memories, just to make sure. Talia informs Zatanna that if she wants in her memories, it’s not going to be easy, as she is holding two swords and is ready to fight.





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