"Behind the Bat, Behind the Clown"Edit

Zatanna and Talia are about to square off and eventually do. Talia has come prepared with an enchanted necklace with stones that leaves Zatanna’s magic powerless against her. Not wanting to continue the fight, Talia initiates her backup plan, and aims a couple of missiles at the still sleeping Selina. Zatanna is forced to leave and rescue her, allowing Talia to get away.

A few nights later, Zatanna tries to catch up with Selina to apologize. Selina retaliates by attacking her, but it doesn’t throw Zatanna off her trail. Zatanna finally gets Selina to listens to her and offers to erase her knowledge of Bruce from Selina’s memory.

Selina shows up to the new house that the Sirens will be purchasing from the Broker. She’s acting a bit glum so Harley goes to talk to her. Selina eventually opens up about her knowledge of Batman’s secrets, and how sometimes she wish she didn’t know, but she didn’t accept Zatanna’s offer. This somehow triggers something in Harley, who gets up an leaves.

Selina and Ivy soon find Harley at one of the old Joker hideouts looking for something. Harley finds the Joker’s bag of tricks and sets off to kill the Joker after all that he’s done to her, dropping a few gas bombs to keep her friends from stopping her.


"Behind the Bat, Behind the Clown"Edit




  • The Joker's "bag of tricks"
  • Joker Bombs

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