"Hell Hath No Fury, Part One"Edit

First, she has to past guard tower three which is right next to her exit. This is where the marbles come in, Harley knows the guard and his marble collection is how he used to escape from the world of his drunken, abusive father. She distracts him with the marbles, wishing it were enough but knowing the rage says otherwise when the tower blows up. This of course alerts the guards and we are pointed to the current Asylum director, Alyce Sinner, the only person who can turn off the Inmate Debilitation System with a remote. This is where the flower comes in. You see, Miss Sinner was originally hired when Harley had her job. Miss Sinner was born into a cult and commits their greatest sin, falling in love. Before they were caught, her man gave her a flower. She ended up giving everyone the fun punch, and leaving her flower there. Of course, Harley’s flower has a mild version of the Joker venom. Harley ends up turning off the I.D.S. and moving to her next goal, the cell of one Basil Karlo, a.k.a. Clayface. She uses the crowbar, the tool used to kill him in his most famous role and an item he view as failure, to open his cage a bit. He slips out and all the guards are called in to deal with his rampage. Now Harley comes to the last challenge, Aaron Cash, the Head of Security, and she has one item left, the nail.


"Hell Hath No Fury, Part One"Edit




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