"Hell Hath No Fury, Part 2 of 2"Edit

Harley had four semi-mundane items. She’s used three of them and the last is a mere rusty nail as the trump card for Aaron Cash, the head of security. Cash confronts Harley outside of Jokers cell, thinking she’s there to free him, though as Harley reveals her true intent he still does the right thing and tells her to surrender. Then Harley reveals the awesomely creepy reason that a rusty nail is Cash’s defeat, Joker gave his firstborn tetanus. For those that don’t know, tetanus will pull the victim’s skin tight, causing them to “grin”. After that huge revelation, Cash gives her the keys and his gun. Meanwhile, Ivy and Selina are outside, waiting to rescue her. Of course, their views on how to do this are completely different as Ivy wants to barge in guns blazing and Catwoman wants to do her usual sneak thief approach. Before the night is through, Selina finds something else going on and after a verbal tussle with Ivy, leaves. Anyhow, when Harley finally gets to the Joker, we get a really cool flashback montage of Harley’s memories of the Joker and we see her trump card, her Puddin’.


"Hell Hath No Fury, Part 2 of 2"Edit



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