"Judgement on Gotham, Part Three: Family Matters"Edit

Tim Drake has failed his test, and now it’s Selina’s turn to face the Angels of Death, but she isn’t content on waiting around and goes searching for something she may be able to use against Azrael. Meanwhile, Maggie Kyle, Selina’s now deranged religious radical, meets up with Azrael and The Crusader, claiming she can help them judge her sister.

Selina finds what she’s looking for as she breaks into Jenny Lane’s apartment, and confronts her, who doesn’t believe Azrael would do such a thing as destroy Gotham. Selina realizes she’s not gonna be much use to her, so she goes off to face her test.

She finds The Crusader in Devils Square, and goes on the attack. Tim shows up as well and joins in the fight, refusing to lay low after he “failed” the test. As the Crusader fights Tim, Azrael manages to trap Selina and stab her with the Sword of Sin, revealing he regrets about her sister, Maggie.

Selina wakes up with Maggie standing over her, handing her a blade. Maggie asks her sister to kill her in the name of the lord. Azrael informs Selina that this is the test, and she is to sacrifice Maggie. Selina refuses to, and brings up the fact that under the god, these men serve, he is the only one allowed to judge. Azrael brushes off Selina’s words, claiming Satan’s true greatest feat would be to make the world think that the pious are insane.

Maggie turns to her sister and pleads for Selina to kill her in the name of God. Selina doesn’t know what to do. She stares at her sister, holding the blade, says “I love you,” and refuses kill her. Azrael informs her that she has failed the test, and turns his attention to Dick Grayson.

Meanwhile, White Ghost gives Ra’s al Ghul, the confirmation of Selina’s failure, Ra’s figures all is according to plan, as he charges Fireball, full of energy.


"Judgement on Gotham, Part Three: Family Matters"Edit




  • In part 2 of this month's 3-part crossover with Red Robin and Batman, the Angels of Death having sworn judgment on Gotham City, which they see as a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah – but Gotham's heroes are fighting back! And when secrets surface – secrets she'd rather kept hidden – Selina finds herself in the middle of a fight for the very existence of Gotham! Guest starring Batman and Ra's al Ghul.

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