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During the chaos of the riot at Arkham, Harley is confronted by Poison Ivy, who, while having The Joker anchored to a wall, demands that Harley choose between her and him. Harley keeps Ivy talking long enough so that the Joker can free himself and together, they attack Ivy. With little effort, Ivy contains the Joker and she and Harley continue their dialogue. After Ivy appeals to their friendship in a sustained attempt to sway her, Harley uses this opening to move in close to Ivy and take her out.

Meanwhile, Catwoman and Batman arrive on-scene and start subduing the riotous inmates. With the help of Cash, they devise a strategy to subdue Harley and the Joker by using the lighting system to give them an edge. However, on their way to love-struck couple, they encounter both Clayface and Zsasz along with other various inmates. Batman quickly dispatches Clayface with some heated Batarangs while Catwoman easily takes care of Zsasz by means of her acrobatic skills. Afterwards, Batman tells Cash to turn off the lights and he and Catwoman easily defeat other inmates who stand in their way.

The Joker, having anticipated such a tactic, takes two blindfolds out from his suit and gives one to Harley as they will help to counteract the disorienting effect of the sudden darkness. They put them on and wait for the impending blackout. At last, the four clash and after some banter between the Joker and Batman, Grayson implements the part of his plan that was unknown to the Joker and has the lights turned back on. The sudden and unexpected brightness has the desired effect of disorienting Harley and the Joker and they are finally restrained.

Selina finds Ivy and, after disabling her plant growing ability with some type of gas, turns her over to the authorities, citing revenge for the time Ivy tried to force her to expose Batman's identity as her motive.


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