General Information
Series: Gotham
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Original Airdate: October 13, 2014
Previous Episode: "The Balloonman"
Next Episode: "Viper"

"Arkham" is the fourth episode of the first season of Gotham.


Gordon learns of the Arkham Plan when he visits Bruce Wayne, where Alfred mentions that Falcone and Mayor James are backing the project. An unnamed hitman has been targeting the city council members that are involved in the Arkham Project. After an attack on Maroni's restaurant by three masked men, Cobblepot is promoted to restaurant manager by Maroni, following his action of saving a bag of money and the death of the previous manager. Mooney pits two female singers against each other for her nightclub job opening, with the winner being Liza. Mayor James holds a conference about the Arkham Plan, announcing that Falcone will handle small housing development projects and Maroni will be refurbishing the Asylum. Later, Cobblepot kills the three masked robbers that attacked Maroni's restaurant who were working for Cobblepot all along.


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