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Gotham Observatory
Gotham Observatory
General Information
Official name: Gotham Observatory
Created by: Barbara Ling
First Appearance: Batman & Robin
State: Gotham
Locale: Gotham City

The Gotham Observatory is an scientific astronomy building in Gotham City.

Appearances Edit

Batman & Robin Edit

It first appears when Bruce Wayne uses the funding from Wayne Enterprises to build there an advanced crystal powered telescope to benefit mankind.

During a press conference, Pamela Isley (aka Poison Ivy) pushes her way in and asks Bruce Wayne to forget about the telescope and concentrate on the earth itself and hands him a proposal banning all actions to pollute the environment. But Bruce refuses stating that millions would die by her actions and instead invites her to a ball being held to raise money for the rainforest.

Bruce goes there again for a ceremony to dedicate the new telescope, Isley is there again too, trying to get the keys from Commissioner Gordon for the Bat-Signal to which she succeeds.

The most important scene for the observatory is when Mr. Freeze arrives to convert the new telescope into a giant freezing gun by using his high-tech freezing device and use it to freeze the whole city. He freezes scientists Dr. Lee and his assistant who were going over the final modifications of the telescope and begins putting his plan into motion. He succeeds and the interior of the observatory starts turning to ice and soon the whole place is frozen solid. Freeze then begins freezing the city using the rays from the telescope.

After finding out Freeze's plans and defeating Poison Ivy, Batman along with his partner Robin and their new sidekick Batgirl arrive and try to stop the cold hearted villain from freezing the city forever.

But Freeze has planned for their arrival and sends Bane to get rid of Batman's sidekicks while he takes care of the Dark Knight himself.

When the terrific trio arrive they thaw the two scientists and the telescope targeting mirrors. They decide to use the satellites to thaw the city, but Freeze interrupts them and flings Robin and Batgirl off the telescope to meet Bane while he battles Batman.

Robin and Batgirl succeed in defeating Bane by draining away the venom circulation to his brain. Meanwhile after a fierce fight, Batman defeats Freeze by knocking him off the stand which destroys his freezing device. He then sets to work using the satellite rays to thaw the city, but Freeze craftily detonates some icicle bombs that Bane had placed around the telescope earlier destroying it's supports and making it fall from the observatory to the ground below with Batman and the thawed out scientists clinging on for dear life and killing the weakened Bane in the process. Batman saves them by firing two Bat Grapples up through the observatory walls, but the telescope is destroyed.

After setting the scientists down safely, Batman takes Robin and Batgirl back to the observatory. Now that the telescope is destroyed, they decide to use the satellites to thaw the city directly, they succeed and Gotham is restored to normal.

Batman goes over to Freeze who had fallen during his fight with Batman and was amid the wreckage of the telescope structure.

After a long talk, Freeze gives Batman some medicine to help a dying friend (Alfred Pennyworth) and goes peacefully to Arkham Asylum where Poison Ivy is there too.

It is unknown what happened after this, but it is possible that the observatory was fixed and a new telescope was made to replace the one that was destroyed.

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