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Green Arrow
General Information
Real name: Oliver Queen
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73
(September, 1941)
Created by: Mort Weisinger
George Papp
Affiliations: Justice League
Green Arrows of the World
Queen Industries
The Outsiders
Black Lantern Corps
White Lantern Corps
Abilities: Trick Arrows
Portrayed by: Stephen Amell
James Arnold Taylor (voice)
Chris Hardwick (voice)

Green Arrow is an occasional partner to Batman. He teamed up with him when they were members of the Justice League of America.


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Green with envy

Oliver Queen was a billionaire just like Bruce Wayne. He would lose his wealth and become Green Arrow. He teamed up with several superheroes like Green Lantern. He even had a Robin-like partner called Speedy. He is also partners and is married to Black Canary.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superlative Archer: Oliver Queen's archery skills are top tier, he is considered to be one of the World's greatest archers in the DC Universe.
  • Trick Arrows: Uses a variety of trick arrows like explosive arrows, net arrows, tear gas arrows, flash bang arrows, cryonic arrows, grappling hook arrows & even a Kryptonite arrow etc. Oliver's arsenal is very extensive.
  • Superior Athleticism: Oliver's athletic skills are at peak human conditioning levels matching or even surpassing some of the best Olympic athletes.
  • Highly Skilled Martial Artist: Oliver's knowledge of Martial Arts ranges from Boxing & Kick Boxing to a mastery of Judo, for a time he was under the training of Natas, whom is one of the greatest fighters in all of the DC Universe.
  • Exceptional Swordsman: His skills the art of swordsmanship are top notch, he started out by mastering fencing.

In Other Media


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Due to the embargo that prevented Batman appearing on the Smallville TV series, Green Arrow was used in a way that resembled the classic Superman and Batman relationship.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold

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Young Justice

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