Gretel is an enemy of Batgirl who has strange powers allowing her to control men.


Lisly Bonner was an up-an-coming investigative reporter for the Gotham Flame. She infiltrated the Whittaker family mob to get expose corruption in the city. Unfortunately, when a recording device was found on her person, Boss Whittaker shot her three times with a .38 calibre weapon. twice in the gut and once in the head.

Despite these wounds, Lisly managed to survive. She woke in a hospital, discovering that she had power over the minds of men. She decided to use that power in order to get revenge on the Whittakers. She adopted the name Gretel, and began eventually killed the entire Whittaker family, despite attempts to interfere on Batgirl's part.

She became drunk with her power, and after attempting to have Bruce Wayne killed at a public event, Batgirl and Batman confronted her together, and she was apprehended.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Mind Control


  • Impervious to pain


  • Sudden Fits of Euphoria