The Gymnast Joker Goon was one of twelve Joker Goons who worked for The Joker. He was known for his display of advanced martial arts, gymnastics, and was spotted twice in public wildly dancing.


That Goon was a flamboyant dancer, who often spun around in a circle. He was first seen in a meeting with the Gotham City Crimelords where the Joker killed Antoine Rotelli, and forced the gangsters out of Carl Grissom's den. That goon accompanied Joker as a mime during the Joker's attack on Vinnie Ricorso, who pulled out a machine gun, along with the other goons at the moment of the murder. He was later seen with the rest of the goons at the Flugelheim Museum, placing candles on Joker and Vicki Vale's table. He was present during Gotham City's 200th Anniversary Parade, who danced and threw money out to the crowd.

Along with five other Joker goons, he disguised himself as a street mime in order to sneak up on Vinnie Ricorso's bodyguards and shoot them after the Joker stabbed Ricorso in the throat with a quill pen. His mime makeup was unique: unlike the other five, he included striking pink highlights around his eyes (making his eyeballs appear to bug out) and gray streaks down his face in order to exaggerate his thin cheekbones, thus looking almost more like a vampire than a mime.
Batman 1989 - Asian Joker Goon Knives

The Gymnast Joker Goon's twin blades.

As the Joker headed into the Gotham Cathedral with Vicki, that goon followed, where he was flanked by Lawrence and the Belltower Joker Goon. When Batman took pursuit of the Joker, that goon met him at the Bell Tower, engaged him in combat, and protected Joker from Batman while he escaped. He leaped at Batman feet first, and ejected twin blades from hidden compartments on his legs. Batman ejected a device from his gauntlet that hit the goon's groin, which quickly knocked him out.

As he survived his ordeal with Batman, it's assumed that he was later taken into police custody, along with the other Joker Goons.

Batman 1989 - Asian Joker Goon defeated

The Gymnast Joker Goon defeated by Batman.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The actor who portrayed the Gymnast Goon was named Philip Tan.
  • It was revealed in the Novelization that the Joker had hired that thug from a "Kung Fu Studio".
  • In the Comic Adaptation, he got killed. Batman knocked him backwards towards the open shaft of the bell tower, but before he fell in, Batman was attacked from behind by Lawrence. He threw Lawrence into the Gymnast Joker Goon, the two of them fell down the shaft together and died.


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