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Hamilton Hill
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General Information
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Created by: Gerry Conway
Don Newton
Portrayed by: Bob Pescovitz

Hamilton Hill was the corrupted Mayor of Gotham city. Holding ties to the Falcone Crime Syndicate, he was both an ally of its leader, Carmine Falcone, and Gotham base billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne.


Hamilton Hill became Mayor of Gotham years before Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder in Crime Alley. He forge an alliance with the two and crime boss Carmine Falcone, running the politics whilst Falcone handled many of their operations and the Waynes legitimized their money. Though challenged to his place as Mayor, Hamilton's opposition would frequently disappear, under suspicious circustances. With Thomas, Hamilton was responsible for convicting people who refused their offers to Arkham, sending them insane with a psychogenic chemical. One of them was Esther Cobblepot, the last remaining "of age" Cobblepot, who refused to sell land that later became the site of Wayne Tower.

Eventually, Hamilton saw that Thomas was going too far and decided that he should be killed, before he did too much harm. He hired one of Falcone's hitmen, Joe Chill, to assassinate Thomas and Martha and make it look like a mugging gone wrong. Chill did so as they and their son, Bruce, returned home from a showing at the Monarch Theater. However, Chill was caught, but Hamilton, and possibly Falcone, arranged for him to be murdered in prison.

Nearly twenty years after that event, Hamilton was approached by Esther's son, Oswald, who wanted to bring down Gotham's corrupted. Either through blackmail or a willing alliance, Hamilton gave him evidence to prove the Wayne's ties to corruption. He also began compiling data to incriminate Carmine Falcone, either to hand over to Oswald or help boast his campaign as Mayor. Unknown to him, Penguin also planned to take him down too.

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