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Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent (Telltale)
General Information
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: Bruce Wayne
Selina Kyle
Lt. James Gordon
Abilities: High intelligence
First in
Great physical strength
Portrayed by: Travis Willingham (voice)

Harvey Dent is a District Attorney in Gotham City. He is a friend of Bruce Wayne and currently running for Mayor of Gotham against Hamilton Hill. However, following an attack by the Children of Arkham, Harvey begins to turn towards a darker path.

He's the initial deuteragonist turned hidden tertiary antagonist of Batman: The Telltale Series.


Harvey Dent was Gotham City's District Attorney since the age of 26. He became well known with the GCPD for serving up sentences effectively and making sure they would stay that way. At some point before the events of the game, he became acquainted with billionaire Bruce Wayne, the two becoming friends. Harvey was also nominated to become Mayor of Gotham, competing against Hamilton Hill.

Episode One: Realm of ShadowsEdit

NOTICE: The events described impacted by the player's decisions. This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. Decisions made and their impacts will be show either in italics if a single decision affects the subject of the article or tabs if both decisions affect it.

Harvey first appeared in the episode, attending a fundraiser Bruce had organized to get him funded for his campaign. Whilst Bruce was away, Harvey tried to convince the guests to vote for him, promising change to Gotham and stamp out organized crime in the city. Whilst opening wishing Bruce had attended, Harvey noticed him in the crowd, asking him to welcome the guests. He later when to talk to Bruce, enquiring about his absence from the fundraiser and even asking his help to convince the attenders to vote for him.

After talking to Gotham Gazette reporter Vicki Vale, they noticed known criminal Carmine Falcone arrive to the event. When Bruce confronted him about this, Harvey admitted to inviting him, hoping that the crime-lord would get him into city hall, if swayed in the right direction. The two then met Carmine, though his men didn't allow Harvey to enter the parlor. Bruce is then given the choice to let Harvey attend the meeting or leave him at the fundraiser.

Bruce lets Harvey attend the meeting between him and Falcone. If the player chooses this option, Harvey will be asked to remain quiet and remember things said by both parties.

Bruce apologies to Harvey and leaves him at the fundraiser. Harvey will be left at the fundraiser by himself, commenting that he'll get a drink from the bar as he leaves.

Harvey later appears at the press conference for the announcement of the Thomas and Martha Wayne Memorial Hospital. He and Bruce hold the introduction and hands the conference to Bruce, who is either listening to Harvey or texting his butler Alfred. After the press began accusations of Bruce being tied to organized Crime, Harvey asks him to leave and states that his team on damage control will handle these comments.

Bruce later meets Harvey at the Café Triste, where he produces the search warrant GCPD were given by Mayor Hill to raid Wayne Manor. Surprised by this, Harvey was angered, as Hill did not have the right to issue search warrants without his approval. The two discussed what had happened and what they may do whilst these rumors were persistent. During this discussion, it was interrupted by Selina Kyle, whom Harvey had been showing around Gotham. He greeted her and introduced her to Bruce, unaware that the two had met the previous night as Batman and Catwoman. They made conversation, with points of interest being a "mugging" Selina had been in the previous night and a bruised eye she had sustained from it. When it turned to damage control of the Wayne family ties to the Falcone Crime Family, Harvey left the table to call his office and to get it under control. When he returned, Bruce left for "another appointment", despite both his and Selina's pleas to stay for a drink.

Episode Two: Children of ArkhamEdit

The following morning, Harvey was contacted by Bruce and asked by his friend to pull as many strings as he could to get him to talk with Falcone, who had been arrested following an attack by Batman and evidence his friend had given to either Vicki or Lt. James Gordon. They managed to buy some time, with Harvey using as many strings he had to the GCPD to organize this meeting. Whilst at the precinct, the two discussed why Bruce wanted to see the crime lord, including what may happen if news of this got out to the press. Bruce can also mention about his suspicions about Falcone and his parents' murder to Harvey. After being shown to the infirmary by Gordon, Harvey left Bruce alone to talk to Falcone.

After Falcone was murdered by a drugged Renee Montoya, who remained unconscious throughout it, Harvey briefly checked on her interrogation, which was being conducted by Gordon. He managed to buy himself and Bruce time to stay, but was angered at what had happened and wondered why she had murdered him. Harvey also showed annoyance, as Falcone's case could have meant they would get to compensate thousands of the crimelord's victims, including those who were not known at the time. Whilst consulting Gordon, he decided that it was best to try and cover up the incident before the press found out about it. Upon hearing that Falcone's lawyers had arrived, Harvey and Gordon left to deal with them. After managing to stall them, they returned to find Montoya had awoken. When Harvey asked what had happened, Bruce can either give him information which she had told him or remain vague/silent about it. After this, Harvey and Bruce left, the former to prepare for that night's debate and the latter, unknown to Harvey, to find a suspect he had.

Harvey was later called by Bruce, shortly before the debate. As the two talked, Harvey revealed that his advisors had suggested that he distanced himself away from him, following the allegations to the Wayne family. However, he asked for Bruce to carry on funding his campaign, as without it, he would be unable to run against Hill.

Bruce agrees to continue funding Harvey's campaign, which he will be thankful of, commenting that he will never forget this. Harvey then hangs up the call for the final stages of preparation for the debate.

Bruce will decide to stop funding Harvey's campaign, which he will comment to be disappointing. Harvey then hangs up the call for the final stages of preparation for the debate.

As the debate started, the event was attacked by the Children of Arkham, led by a man in a bird mask. Harvey was held hostage by the group, alongside Hill and others at the debate. Taking over the debate, the masked man, who called himself "the Penguin", had one of his hostages inject both Dent and Hill with a chemical. As the two were forced to argue, under the effects of the chemical, the Children of Arkham showed a video of Thomas Wayne and Hill unjustifiably committing Esther Cobblepot to Arkham Asylum.

During this, the GCPD tried to raid the debate and apprehend the group. Penguin, angry at Hill for what he had done, tried to murder him, but Harvey tried to intervene. Throwing a punch at the masked man, Harvey was beaten down by Penguin, who proceeded to shoot Hill twice in the chest and once in the head, killing him. Batman, who had just beaten Blockbuster unconscious, confronted Penguin. However, Penguin responded by shooting wildly at the vigilante, which he dodged. Penguin then threw Harvey on the floor and separated a stage-light to attack him with. Batman is then left with a choice to either save Dent or Catwoman, who is also in danger.

Batman attacks Penguin, saving Dent. He thanks the vigilante for interviening and is taken away by to Gotham General to recuperate.

Batman saves Catwoman from a group on Children of Arkham mercenaries. However, he is too late to save Dent, who is attacked with the stage light by Penguin and disfigured. As the GCPD arrive, Dent is taken away by Paramedics, though will be scared from the event.

Episode Three: New World OrderEdit

In Episode Three, Bruce first meets Harvey in his hospital room. If you saved Selina in Episode Two, Harvey will have bandages wrapped around his forehead and the left side of his face due to his injuries from the stage light. When Bruce walks in, Harvey mutes the TV and mentions how Bruce brought flowers, as his new secretary and his mother did (The flowers will either have been brought in by Selina or Bruce depending on who you save in Episode Two). He will express regret at having been unable to stop Penguin, and remark on his humiliation at "getting his face smashed" or relying on Batman to save him, depending on you choices in Episode Two. Bruce will have the option to turn off the news TV that is talking about the debate, a reason for Harvey's lack of confidence, or let Harvey complain and vent about it). He also states his disappointment and heartache over Selina not showing up to visit him, or at least congratulate him on his mayoral achievement (Harvey was elected mayor while in the hospital due to running unopposed). Harvey will mention how his therapist and doctors have told him to take it easy, despite his new important position. He remarks how his therapist stated the COA's drug may have caused some "issues to resurface and become unmanageable". He shows some humor when seeing the Bat Signal outside the window for the first time. Other than appearing saddened at Bruce's leaving so soon, due to Harvey's paranoia and bitterness at being left to both his own thoughts, he acts mostly normal in this encounter. He will immediately turn the TV back on or unmute it when Bruce leaves.

Harvey will later leave his hospital bed early to give his mayoral acceptance speech, and will be run off the road and into an alleyway by a COA truck. Batman will have to choose whether to save Harvey or Montoya, who is cornered at a drug bust. If Batman goes after Harvey instead of Montoya, he expresses thanks. If he is scarred, he does not show gratitude and instead remarks that Batman is a criminal and should watch his back. If you go after Montoya, Harvey will have killed one of the COA members that attacked him and stands grimly in the background.

Later, Bruce meets with Harvey to inform him of WayneTech's hacked communications. This is where the signs of his split personality truly show for the first time. If Harvey is not scarred, he will show extreme paranoia and fear of the Children of Arkham. He expresses that the GCPD should let Batman use whatever methods he wants to deal with the COA, and that having a police force of vigilantes just like Batman would make Gotham better. Flipping a large silver dollar for emphasis or out of habit, or even a subconscious decision, if encouraged by the player, Harvey will slam his fist on the desk and go into a ramble of overboard security methods. If the player objects, Harvey will still slam the desk, but instead warn Wayne not to "tell Harvey what to do". This was already a sign of multiple personalities, as Harvey speaks in third-person. after he pulls himself together, Harvey will stress that no one can know about his issue. If Harvey was scarred, he will wear half of a fake-face mask over his scarred side. Instead of being paranoid, Harvey expresses sadness at his appearance during his first official portrait as Mayor, and then anger over the Children of Arkham hacking WayneTech. Harvey will start rambling in third-person, in a deeper, raspier, and scarier voice, as if it is a different person, about how he always follows the law, which doesn't seem to work. He will appear to switch, quite abruptly, between his regular personality and this one, arguing to himself over whether or not Harvey is turning things around and if this harsh personality could do better. The new voice, which could be nicknamed the Judge for being so cold and absolute, starts rambling over the security until Bruce tells him to stop, in which he will then slam his fist on the desk and insult Gotham. As he does when he is not scarred, he will express worry over being exposed after pulling himself together.

Later, Harvey brings coffee and possibly donuts to Selina's apartment to break the ice and get the information about his long dormant split personality crisis off his chest. Unfortunately, Harvey arrives on the morning after Bruce slept at Selina's house. Whether Bruce slept with Selina or not, Harvey will shout at them feeling a strong sense of betrayal. He will start talking to himself, his voice cracking, over how stupid he was to trust Selina and how neither of them are his friends, that he is the freak and that is how they will see him. (Note that Harvey will speak as the Judge more often if he is scarred, with his lines being more evil-sounding) Harvey will break the mirror glass and after shouting at them again (and/or throwing his two-face mask at them if he is scarred) Harvey will toss the mirror at Bruce and Selina in a fit of rage. Before continuing his assault, Harvey will mutter about how it has to be fair, choosing to flip his coin to decide who to kill first. The coin chooses Selina, but when Harvey lunges at her Bruce stops him. After hitting Bruce hard, Harvey will show a deep inner struggle with the Judge, but for a second appears to give in control and is about to throw a knife at Selina, who the coin chose. When Bruce steps in between them, Harvey is moved by the idea of hitting his friend who hadn't been chosen by the coin and tosses the knife, with surprising skill, at the wall. As Harvey continues to argue with himself, Bruce will debate in his head for a few seconds whether to wear Harvey, the heavier man who is still suffering from the clumsiness caused by the COA's drug, out, or fight him, as Selina suggests. If Bruce chooses to beat up Harvey, he will viciously strike him with Selina multiple times, finishing him by slamming his face (the burned side if he is scarred) into Selina's fridge. If Bruce tries to wear him out, he will avoid two of Harvey's punches and dodge to the side, causing Harvey to slam his head into the wall (the unharmed side if he is scarred). Due to Harvey's lack of energy and coordination due to the drug, Harvey's next missed punch sends him falling to the ground clumsily, breaking the table.

After the fight, Harvey will start "crying without tears" and breathing heavily, stating he doesn't want to be alone with "Him". After straightening himself, Harvey walks out, pushing aside his own remark and putting himself down, stating it was his fault. The player can admit to Selina that Bruce can't help Harvey, or protest to the idea of leaving his friend.

In the first trailer for Episode Four, seen at the the end of Three, Harvey's speech is different depending on whether or not the player beat him. If the player beat him, Harvey will state his move of Bruce Wayne to Arkham Asylum to be done "effective immediately". If Bruce wore him out, Harvey will express that he makes the decision to move his "old friend" regrettably, however he doesn't seem to carry any more feel for the friendship in Episode Four, possibly due to the time Harvey gets in between to listen to the dark, negative, bitter thoughts of the Judge.

Episode Four: Guardian of GothamEdit

To be added

Episode Five: City of LightEdit

Harvey will only have a brief mention by both Alfred and Selina if Batman chooses to stop him from destroying the manor.

If Batman stops Penguin, Harvey's special forces will wage war inside the GCPD and take over the city for a brief time, capturing hostages, due to Commissioner Peter Grogan declaring Dent a terrorist after blowing up a city block and possibly more to dispose of the Children of Arkham's drugs. The media, news anchor Jack Ryder specifically, will publicly criticize Dent, stating "How long... can we let this "Two-Face" stay in power?" This marks the first time in the game and the last in this season that anyone specifically nicknames Harvey Two-Face. In Season Two, it will likely become the source of the name. Batman and James Gordon will fight through the GCPD Department building. Batman will arrive and stop Grogan from being shot, but gets distracted and is about to be shot by a task trooper. When Grogan interferes and gets shot by the trooper, Gordon will call Dent a bastard. Then he will get a call from a kidnapped officer that Dent is at Wayne Manor and has taken hostages.


Before the Children of Arkham's attack on the Mayoral debate, Harvey was a kind and considerate person, willing to protect Gotham through legal means. He was also very warm and easy to approach. However, following this event, he began developing a split personality, due to the chemical Vicki Vale injected him with. This personality was violent and quick to anger, even willing to use violent means to its end. Depending on whether Batman saves him from disfigurement at the Penguin's hands, the second personality can either come closer to the surface quickly or slowly begin to take over. After catching Bruce in Selina's apartment, Harvey and his spilt personality will begin using a coin to decide on actions, drawing him closer to becoming his comic book counterpart.


Bruce Wayne/BatmanEdit

Harvey and Bruce were best friends by the events of the game. Bruce is one of Harvey's main supporters in his Mayoral campaign and his biggest investor. With Harvey's help, Bruce could get legal support through the D.A.'s office and pull strings to see Carmine Falcone, whilst the crime lord was in custody. Even during the Wayne Family scandal, when Harvey's advisors asked him to distance himself from Bruce, the two kept a close relationship, though Harvey may lose financial backing from Bruce. However, following an attack from the Children of Arkham, Harvey's growing psychological issues began to affect their friendship. This may have been completely destroyed when Harvey catches Bruce in Selina Kyle's apartment.

Harvey's views on Batman may also be affected, depending on the choices made in the series. If Batman saves Harvey a number of threats, including being disfigured by the Penguin or an attempted kidnapping by the Children of Arkham, his views on Batman will grow increasingly positive, though will affect his opinion of justice in a twisted way. However, if Batman chooses against these, his views on the vigilante will become increasingly negative, seeing him as unable to help Gotham.

Selina KyleEdit

Selina Kyle was Harvey Dent's romantic interest, although Selina mentioned they weren't together.

James GordonEdit

Harvey didn't know the commissioner particularly well, but the two seemed to have a mutual respect for each other, as Gordon mentions Harvey was "the only DA he trusted to make a conviction stick." They disagreed, however, with how to handle Falcone's murder, Gordon stating they should try to learn everything first, Harvey stating they had to get their own story out to avoid press damage. Gordon can appear shocked if the player doesn't save Harvey from the Penguin, leading to his scarring. Gordon showed concern for Harvey when stated he and Batman had to keep both Montoya and Harvey safe from the Children of Arkham.

Hamilton HillEdit

Harvey had a poor relationship with the former mayor of Gotham, Hill labeled Harvey as a fool, while Harvey called Hill a criminal. This was due to their rivalry as nominees for Mayor. However, Harvey put this aside when the Penguin was about to kill Hill, punching him in the stomach to save Hill from his gunshots. He told Bruce in Episode Three that he felt guilty about Hill's murder, and that he'd won because of it, as well as how he was the only one of the three on stage who'd survived:him, Hill, and the moderator, respectively.


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