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Have I Got A Story For You is the first chapter of the six-part anthology film Batman: Gotham Knight.

Plot Edit

A street kid named B-Devil meets with three of his friends at a skate park in Gotham City. All three of them tell stories in reverse chronological order about them seeing Batman battling with the Man in Black, a high-tech criminal, earlier that day. Each story has three very different interpretations of Batman's form and abilities: one told by Porkchop describes him as a living shadow that can melt away and reappear at will (similar to Vampire Batman), another by Meesh describes him as a half-bat, half-man creature (similar to Man-Bat), and a third told by Dander describes him as a combat robot called Robobat that can leap tall buildings in a single bound. At the end, Batman pursues the Man in Black to the skate park and captures him with the help of B-Devil, who is able to see what Batman truly is after seeing him sustain injuries from the battle: a very human warrior in a Batsuit. He proceeded to tell his experience to his friends after Batman disappeared.

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