General Information
Real name: Moreland McShane
First Appearance: Batman #487 (December, 1992)
Created by: Doug Moench
Jim Aparo
Affiliations: Secret Society of Super Villains
Abilities: Expert Marksman
Portrayed by: None

Headhunter is an assassin who is an opponent of Batman. Headhunter is accustomed to eliminating his targets by shooting them twice in the head.


Little is known about the assassin known as Headhunter except that he was a mercenary killer and a "bloodmoney freak" that so skillfully tracked his targets, no matter what the circumstances were, that rumors ran rampant in Gotham's underworld that Headhunter was an icewater-veined psycho that shot the victim a second time just for fun. In reality, Headhunter had never missed his first shot. He staked out a particular neighborhood as his turf, murdering anyone whom he assumed didn't belong there.

After Commissioner James Gordon had mob boss Vincent Morelli arrested and sent to Blackgate Prison, Morelli put out a contract on Gordon. Morelli contacted Headhunter, and the two arranged a meeting in a parking lot. Two of Morelli's goons awaited Headhunter, and one noted he couldn't find anything about Headhunter's past, remarking he was almost like a nonexistent ghost to the records. Headhunter dropped from the ceiling, surprising the thug, who drew his pistol, fearing that Headhunter was going to escape with the down-payment. Headhunter proved a huge, remarkably agile man with bone earrings and necklaces, teeth filed to points, and two bowie knives and silenced handguns strapped to his arms and legs. Headhunter referred to himself as an assassin of honor, who prefers payment in full. He also took the down-payment, which proved to be fifty-thousand dollars, and the henchmen stated the rest would be handed over once the target was dead. When Jim Gordon realized that Headhunter had been assigned to kill him, he quickly left his wife and home to go find Headhunter before Headhunter found him. Gordon's wife, Sarah, lit the Bat-Signal to summon Batman, warning him of Headhunter. When Batman left to track down Headhunter and did not take her, she drew a revolver and shot the Bat-Signal, shattering it. Batman quickly found Gordon in a run-down west-side neighborhood, Headhunter's former turf. Headhunter followed Gordon in a car, then pulled abruptly off the street and then stood on the trunk of the vehicle, targeting Gordon with his gun. When Sarah called the Commissioner on the radio and he moved to answer it, Headhunter fired and missed, cursing bitterly that it was his first miss. Gordon's car swerved off the road and crashed, while Headhunter left his own car to pursue Gordon on foot. He arrived on the scene to find Gordon crawling out of his car with his gun drawn, finding the bullet had only grazed his head. Batman spotted the wreck and ejected from the Batmobile, hurling Batarangs at Headhunter. While the assassin targeted the batarangs and destroyed them with two shots, Batman wrapped a rope around Headhunter's ankle, yanking him down. He then disarmed Headhunter of his guns, and in the brutal fight that ensued, Headhunter hurled one of his knives at Batman, who deflected it, but was knocked down when Headhunter kicked him savagely in the head. The crazed murderer then proceeded to stab Batman with his remaining knife, only to have Batman knock the knife out of his hand and beat him to the ground.

An utterly defeated Headhunter was then taken into custody. Batman reflected upon his encounter with Headhunter as yet another horror he'd survived.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Headhunter is an expert marksman who has only missed his intended target twice. He is a master assassin who usually trails his victims before shooting them. Headhunter is also remarkably agile and is actually a good hand-to-hand combatant. He managed to give Batman a savage beating in bodily combat, but the Dark Knight had been pushed recently to mental fatigue and physical limits, causing him to get sloppy with his normal skills. He noted with dejection that this was why Headhunter had even been able to get within a mile of him.

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