That man was one of The Joker's many Goons. He was ugly even by the standards of the gang, with buck teeth and a wedge-shaped head.


The Goon flew the Joker's Helicopter, and was rarely seen with the rest of the Joker Goons. After the Axis Chemicals was destroyed by Batman, the driver, the Joker, and the Overweight Joker Goon went to Gotham City's 200th Anniversary Parade. He was then ordered to pick up the Joker and Vicki Vale at the Gotham Cathedral, but was told to wait ten minutes. The Goon ws last seen with the co-pilot and summoned their boss to the drop ladder. His fate was never reveled or mentioned, but it was likely implied that he was arrested after the Joker`s death along with the other Joker Goons.