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Helicopter Joker Goon
Batman 1989 - Helicopter Joker Goon
General Information
Real name: Unidentified
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: Joker (Boss)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Hair - Brown
Eyes -
Portrayed by: Unknown
Appearances: Batman

This man was one of The Joker's many Goons.


The Goon drives the Joker's Helicopter, and was rarely seen with the rest of his gang. After the Axis Chemicals building was destroyed by Batman, the driver, their boss, and the co-pilot went to celebrate Gotham`s 200th Anniversary. He is then ordered to pick up Joker and a Corto Maltese photographer to the Gotham Cathedral, but are told to wait for ten minutes. The Goon is last seen with his partner and summon their boss to drop ladder. His fate is never reveled or mentioned but it is likely implied that he is arrested after the Joker`s death.

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